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2013 Wake Surf Open at Lake Anna

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 10:57 am

The 2013 Lake Anna Wake Surf Open sponsored by Anna Point Marina was held this past weekend on Lake Anna.

The 2013 Lake Anna Wake Surf Open sponsored by Anna Point Marina was held this past weekend on Lake Anna.

At the 2013 Lake Anna Wake Surf Open at Anna Point Marina on Saturday, June 15, the energy of the competitors and spectators was palpable.

Under a blazing sun and still waters, excitement mounted as tow boats readied at the dock, wake boarders awaited their turns and spectators anticipated the wake surfing competition.

Steve “O” Britt, event coordinator, stood at the pavilion and called to competitors to grab their boards, assigned each a boat when it was their turn to compete and shouted, “Let’s begin!”

This was the second year that Wake Anna, located at Anna Point Marina, sponsored the open, with Devon Tatro, manager, overseeing the operations.

“It’s going great,” Tatro said. “It’s wonderful to see a great turn out.”

Twenty-five competitors registered for the event. After a brief safety and rules meeting by Tatro, the surfers began, one by one doing their thing, surfing and performing against the w

ake behind the slick and fast tow boats with their boards and talent in tow.

Two Centurion FX22 boats took turns heading out into the lake, carrying at least four surfers at a time, along with judge Brian Baker, who scored their performances.

“There is big competition today,’ Baker said. “The talent is amazing.”

Baker scored wake surfers on performance and difficulty. Each surfer has two passes (surfing) of 90 seconds, for a total of 180 seconds. And each is allowed to have four falls within that time frame.

As the day went on, the anxious competitors that had already finished their round, waited patiently while talking with others about all the tricks completed, how the wake felt and how they performed themselves back at the boat docks or under the pavilion.

When the last four surfers took on the wake, spectators watched with elation, as the end of the event was near the last boat turned the corner and headed back to the dock.

Everyone gathered around the stage under the pavilion to learn who the winners were as the judge tallied up the scores.

“This has been an awesome day with great talent out there,” said Britt, before awarding trophies to the days top performers.

One by one the winners were  announced, presented a trophy and they each stood with their boards on stage with a look of achievement and fulfillment on their faces.

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