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April 2015 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following April real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Roger D. Wilson to Michael W. Anthony, Cuckoo, 3.09 acres, Section II, $154,500, DBS

Stephanie Y. Yowell to Norman D. Rutter, Cuckoo, 1.408 acres, Section 2, $61,700, DBS

Sally E. Fritsch to Marcus S. Ortel, Cuckoo, 1.043 acres, Section I, $435,000, DBS

Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC – Sub Trustee to Springleaf Financial Services, Inc., Green Springs, 1.733 acres, $150,348.26, DTF

Countryside Land Company, LC to Four Fifty-Five, LLC, Louisa, DB 1398, Page 136, $59,900, DBS

Countryside Land Company, LC to Four Fifty-Five, LLC, Louisa, DB 1398, Page 162, $54,900, DBS

Countryside Land Company, LC to Four Fifty-Five, LLC, Louisa, DB 1398, Page 188, $69,900, DBS

Countryside Land Company, LC to Four Fifty-Five, LLC, Louisa, DB 1398, Page 214, $54,900, DBS

Jamie C. Artale to Ashleigh M. Brock, Mineral, 5.053 acres, Lot 3, $236,500, DBS

Dominic P. Romano to Christopher S. Perkins, Jackson, 0.703 acre, $365,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Larry E. Schluderberg, Louisa,Section 2A, Phase D, $529,930, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC – Sub. Trustee to US Bank Trust, NA – Trustee, DB 1398, Page 314, $148,132.53, DTF

US Bank Trust, NA – Trustee to Samantha A. Mattera, 3.12 acres, Gun Barrel Ridge SD, $167,500, DBS

Charles E. Dent Jr. to Kathi R. Cline, DB 1398, Page 337, $154,900, DBS

Samuel Lewis Amos III to Rory Q. McCormick, 1.96 acres, $107,000, DBS

Stuart L. Gentry to Battlefield Homes, Inc., Louisa, Lot 8, Lake Country Estates SD, $101,000, DBS

Virginia Fern Grempler-Ball to William E. Daley, Lot 12, Section 2, Phase B, Spring Creek SD, $190,000, DBS

Donald E. Weide Jr. to Rebecca A. Carey, Lot 13, Phase B, Section 2, Spring Creek SD, $374,000, DBS

Nicholas T. Caputi to Megan E. McKinnon, 1.5 acres, $167,000, DBS

Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company to US Bank, NA – Trustee, DB 1398, Page 744, $114,000, DTF

C. Douglas Branch to Julie B. Houston, Jackson, 17.06 acres, $164,000, DBS

GK Structures, LLC to Richard L. Childress, Lot 16, Winding Ridge SD, $179,950, DBS

Roger E. Beaver to Richard B. Page, Lot 2, DB 1398, Page 900, $235,000, DBS

Eugene Charles Proko to Daniel Alphonse Proko Jr., Louisa, 1.5 acres, Block I, $44,733.33, DBS

Merry Chenault Waller to Brock M. Boyd, DB 1398, Page 946, $140,700, DBS

Raymond J. Liebrecht to Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LT, Lot 71, Block I, McCoy SD, $38,300, DBS

Elizabeth Lu El-Nattar to William H. Wright, Louisa, 0.779 acre, $662,300, DBS

Jennifer Degrazia to Diana Koss, Green Springs, 8.504 acres and 20’ R/W, $164,000, DBS

John A. Rife – Sp. Comm. to James R. Byiers, Jackson, 1.29 acres, $24,900, DSC

James C. Bethard to Paul B. Haecker, Cuckoo, 1.4 acres, Lot 2, $550,000, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sheri Lynn Perch, Louisa, DB 1399, Page 308, $225,200, DBS

Clifton D. Sipe to Simon Core, Cuckoo, 0.216 acre, 90.341 acres, 2.902 acres 5.121 acres, 5.154.6 acres, $688,600, DBS

Walton Lumber Company, Inc. to Simon Core, Cuckoo, 37.127 acres, 36.427 acres, $1,350,000, DBS

Leslie E. Thacker II to David W. Frampton, Mineral, 6.066 acres, Lot B, $190,000, DBS

Suzanne L. Poling to James E. Thomas, Mineral, 1.184 acres, $220,000, DBS

Samuel I. White, P.C. – Sub Trustee to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jackson, 1.5 acres, Parcel A, $115,800, DTF

Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LT to Chasity Marcum, Louisa, 1.53 acres, $205,000, DBS

James Scott Kane to Joshua T. Jarrell, Lot 8, Section C, Ridgemont SD, $249,000, DBS

Joyce E. Ruffner to Christopher F. Denkers, 37.095 acres, Parcel 2, $182,500, DBS

Joyce E. Ruffner to John M. Baier, 37.095 acres, Parcel 1, $182,500, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sheldon Ray Waldron, DB 1399, Page 620, $133,000, DBS

Rose Allison to Daniel Black, 4.04 acres, Lot 3, $55,300, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Allison Wilk, 3.439 acres, Lot 1, River Ridge SD, $149,062, DBS

Samuel I. White, PC – Trustee to WACF, LLC, DB 1399, Page 757, $165,900, DBS

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Coleman A. Harris, DB 1399, Page 762, $176,500, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP, Lot 2 Section 1, Phase E, Spring Creek SD, $485,500, DBS

Nathan M. Young to Willis Bentley, Green Springs, 0.213 acres, Lot 56, Section 2, $328,000, DBS

Bethel Builders, LLC to John Samuel Cielakie, DB 1399, Page 877, $223,233, DBS

Anthony W. Montgomery – Co Trustee to Nathan M. Young, Lot 83, Section 1, Reedy Creek SD, $378,000, DBS

Jack H. Ramsey to A & G Homes, Inc., 1.174 acres, Lot 397, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $272,600, DBS

Irma L. Adams to Ralph L. Poindexter, Louisa, 2.96 acres, $68,571.43, DBS

Joyce L. Kingrea to Ronald H. Perkins, Green Springs, 2.17 acres, $31,000, DBS

Debbie L. Strother to Fidelity National Mortgage Assoc., Cuckoo, Plat Book 400, Page 813, $154,732.23, DLF

Garry M. Gray to William C. Shelton, 2 acres, DB 1400, Page 154, $230,300, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Green Springs, 4.05 acres, $110,000, DTF

MGR Development Corp. to  Dustin William Musselman, Green Springs, DB 1400, Page 180, $182,600, DBS

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC -Sub. Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Green Spring, Phase I, $163,000, DTF

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 1 acre, Lot B, $126,915, DTF

Maple Springs Investments, LLC to Michael L. Brown Jr., Lot 18, Maple Springs SD, $400,000, DBS

Roland A. Hamm to James L. Hill, Louisa, 1.5 acres, $98,000, DBS

Elizabeth C. Holland to Mark W. Lindsey, DB 1400, Page 394, $525,000, DBS

Michael F. Duffy to John C. Pastino, DB 1400, Page 434, $521,000, DBS

J. Franklin Terrell to Christopher L. Dillow, DB 1400, Page 475, $322,300, DBS

Robert M. Culley to Eldredge Properties, LLC, DB 1400, Page 486, $90,000, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC to Citi Financial, Inc. – Sub. Trustee, Louisa, 3 acres, $167,800, DTF

Commonwealth Asset Services – Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., DB 1400, Page 591, $241,600, DTF

Joshua D. Williamson to Alexander T. Markow, Lot 10, Phase B. Section 1, Spring Creek SD, $285,000, DBS

Estate of Joyce Perkins Richardson to Hunter Gough, 19.75 acres, $279,000, DBS

Monarch Land, LLC to Christopher L. Whitworth, Lot 3, Andrews Crossing SD, $295,184, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments, LLC to John G. Baier, 2 acres, DB 1400, Page 709, $125,000, DBS

SBC of Virginia Foundation to Lake Anna Community Church, Cuckoo, 2 Parcels, $200,800, DBS

James McChesney Crawford to Benjamin Craig Forrester, DB 1400, Page 717, $341,500, DBS

Fannie Mae to Kevin Fulton, Jackson, Lot 27, $177,000, DBS

Fannie L. Timberlake to Gilbert Price Jr., 1 acre, DB 1400, Page 843, $74,000,DBS

Dorothy Mitchell to I & J Builders, LLC, DB 1400, Page 854, $30,000, DBS

Matthew Lloyd Noel to Charlie, LLC, 1.5 acres, DB 1400, Page 880, $109,900, DBS

Ronald L. Spooner to Gregory J. Golladay, 3.304 acres, DB 1400, Page 886, $335,100, DBS

Nathanael D. Newell to Christina S. Paddy, Lot 4, Phase A, Section 2, Spring Creek SD, $264,500, DBS

Harris Tract II, LLC to Daniel Douglas Arden, DB 1401, Page 229, $255,000, DBS

CR Homes, LLC to Gregory A. Plovish, 1.985 acres, DB 1401, Page 258, $60,700, DBS

Lake Anna Development Corp. to Harris Tract II, LLC, DB 1401, Page 262, $280,000, DBS

Brandon L. Fields to Wayne R. Genova, Mineral, 4.61 acres, Parcel A, $294,500, DBS

Robert F. Groshon to Jamie T. Martins, Jackson, 1.877 acres, $608,800, DBS

Keith P. Holley to April Snow-Galdamez, Green Springs, Phase II, $19,500, DBS

Clarence R. Hiter to Stephen W. Irving, 8.011 acres, DB 1401, Page 374, $49,100, DBS

John C. Jamarik to Kevin C. McLeod, Jackson, 5 acres, Parcel B, $46,000, DBS

Patricia L. Mahone to Charles Swanson, DB 1401, Page 493, $116,500, DBS

Patricia J. Coakley to Aaron Elisabeth Hutto, DB 1401, Page 497, $76,500, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John Tanner, Mineral, 10 acres, $160,600, DBS

W.W. Whitlock Agency, Inc. to Bethel Builders, LLC, Louisa, 1.886 acres, $27,400, DBS

Justin G. Coleman to Kenneth L. Wagner Sr., Louisa, 2.538 acres, Lot 3, High Bank SD, $199,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Robert G. Sweel,DB 1401, Page 709, $460,535, DBS

Robert Smith to Project Perry, Louisa, 11.963 acres, Lot 4A-1, $35,000, DBS

Samuel I. White PC – Trustee to US Bank National, 1 acre, Tract I, $69,393, DTF

Kyle M. Jennings to Elizibeth K. Hurst, DB 1401, Page 808, $112,000, DBS

Susan A. McComas – Trustee to Timothy S. Howard, DB 1401, Page 839, $199,900, DBS

Fannie Mae to Joey Barnes, DB 1401, Page 852, $351,300, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.182 acres, Lot 69A, Section 2, Phase D, $85,500, DBS

William Curtis Decatur to Earl R. Otto, Louisa, 9.015 acres, $253,000, DBS

Clifton C. Moody III to Stone Circle Holdings, Cuckoo, 5.437 acres, $405,000, DBS

Daniel J. Tyree to Charles D. Pritt, DB 1402, Page 106, $215,000, DBS

Sandi Collins to Sandi Collins, DB 1402, Page 147, $51,700, DQC

Sandrea Snow Trujillo to Thomas E. Shafer, Lot 107, Section II, Mountain View Estate SD, $250,000, DBS

James Edward Duerson – Trustee to Stone Circle Holdings, LLC, Cuckoo, 138.4726 acres, $3,852,100, DBS

Istvan L. Szabo to Z & M Properties, LLC, Mineral, 15.6 acres, $428,000, DBS

Monarch Land, LLC to Maryellen A. Waltz, Louisa, DB 1402, Page 298, $245,558, DBS