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August 2015 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following August real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Commonwealth Asset Services, LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., DB 1415, Page 288

Greg A. Hall – Trustee to Scott A. French, Jackson, 5.004 acres, $90,000, DBS

Debra S. Bellomy to Ned22, LLC, DB 1415, Page 320, $73,200, DBS

JMHC Holding, LLC to Crystal D. Campbell, DB 1415, Page 337, $110,400, DBS

Kimberly Duke to Charles Kessler, DB 1415, Page 382, $89,100, DBS

David C. Clark to Charles I. Kessler Jr., DB 1415, Page 389, $650,000, DBS

New Ventures Real Estate, LLC to Nancy Marie Dimaso, Lot 10, Meadow Forest SD, $189,900, DBS

Majed M. Atawneh to Gema Alonzo Silva, DB 1415, Page 427, $175,000, DBS

Todd McCoy to Maria E. Gutierrez, DB 1415, Page 440, $145,000, DBS

Martin E. Green to David Clark, DB 1415, Page 465, $112,400, DBS

A.J. King Properties, LLC to Marcus R. Anderson, Lot 273, The Waters at Lake Anna SD, $72,100, DBS

Dwight Raines to Michael V. Prailey, Lot 76, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $297,000, DBS

Johnie R. Smith to Joi Raynelle Smith, Cuckoo, 4.388 acres, Lot 1B, $127,200, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA, DB 1415, Page 680, $67,200, DQC

Ferncliff, LLC to GNAA, LLC, Louisa, 2.34 acres, Lot 9, 2.36 acres, Lot 10, $352,500, DBS

Donald S. Molnar to Graham L. Davis, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Phase II, $355,700, DBS

Frances Clark to Anthony W. Gallardy, Louisa, DB 1415, Page 765, $430,000, DBS

Walter A. Martin to Rebecca A. Peters, DB 1415, Page 883, $146,000, DBS

Michael A. Haden II to Curtiss E. Poormon, DB 1416, Page 14, $370,300, DBS

Robert L. Kopelen to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Cuckoo, DV 1416, Page 56, $337,000, DLF

Barbara N. Sprouse to Irene Y. Clarkson, Mineral, 2.24 acres, $132,500, DBS

Jason Dunivan to Megan E. Carden, DB 1416, Page 220, $119,000, DBS

Samuel I. White PC – Sub. Trustee to Planet Home Lending, LLC, Louisa, 0.158 acre, Section I, Phase C, $268,600, DTF

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to David G. Bowes Jr., DB 1416, Page 242, $519,260, DBS

Aspen Dale Investment Company, Inc. to Kenneth M. McDowell III, Lot 7, Manchester SD, $177,000, DBS

Soldd, LLC to Albert R. Guzman, Lot 32, Section A, Jerdone Island SD, $35,000, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to FFC Properties, LLC, 1.6 acres, DB 1416, Page 338, $131,800, DTF

Monte A. Magathan to Melissa Hunt, DB 1416, Page 372, $125,000, DBS

Vincent Oliveri to Liberty Homes, Inc., DB 1416, Page 474, $27,200, DBS

Selene Finance, LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jackson, DB 1416, Page 549, $172,500, DBS

James Scott Kane to Timothy Wayne Blackwell, Cuckoo, DB 1416, Page 552, $178,000, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., DB 1416, Page 604, $260,500, DTF

Carolyn Ann Ott to James Allen Cibula, DB 1416, Page 633, $335,000, DBS

Bethel Builders, LLC to Christopher A. Robinson, Louisa, 1.886 acres, $199,610, DBS

Earl L. Blackwell to William Genovesi, Cuckoo, Section I, $30,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Clifton Ballard, Lot 80, Section 3, Phase E, Spring Creek SD, $454,819, DBS

Monrow P. Porter to James Rodney Massengill, DB 1417, Page 95, $320,000, DBS

Flint Properties, LC to Bradley Enoch Perks, DB 1417, Page 115, $83,600, DBS

Howard Hilsinger to Joel E. Legacy, Mineral, 2.22 acres with plat attached, $92,500, DBS

William R. Shiflet Jr. to Charles Collier, Green Springs, 1 acre, Lot 1, $39,000, DBS

Jennifer Joann Casey to Julia G. Lacy, Jackson, 42.06 acres, Parcel B, $217,100, DBS

Kimberly Duke to Jerome A. Betz, Mineral, 2.56 acres, Section II, $200,000, DBS

Bank of America, NA to Independence Realty, LLC, Louisa, Phase 1A, $180,700, DBS

Rose Yvonne Harrell to Lonnie M. Kemp, DB 1417, Page 509, $43,800, DBS

David A. Kennedy to Willistine Pritchett, DB 1417, Page 567, $265,000, DBS

Benjamin L. Koontz to Matthew P. Tompkins, Lot 11, Section B, Retriever Ridge SD, $190,000, DBS

Kenneth M. Sadel to Mark A. Pennella, DB 1417, Page 656, $134,900, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Louisa, Section 1, Phase E, $90,000, DBS

Todd H. Eastland to James R. Rutherford, Cuckoo, 0.921 acre, $343,000, DBS

Shannon Plum to William Sloan Frey, 17.91 acres, lot 4, $332,500, DBS

Phillip H. Bishop to Merie Ragland, Green Springs, 0.867 acre, Parcel B, $33,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to John D. Hutcheson, DB 1417, Page 898, $373,800, DBS

QTP, LLC to Warren F. Riordan Jr., DB 1418, Page 3, $321,900, DBS

H. Curtis Pearson Jr. to Jefferson M. Catlett, 9 acres, DB 1418, Page 37, $17,200, DBS

Joshua R. Tate to Sarah Elizabeth Sexton, Jackson, 27.499 acres, $175,300, DBS

Brenda Duke to Meredith Paige Martin, 34.85 acres, DB 1418, Page 174, $151,200, DBS

Doris M. Waugh t David R. James, 0.47 and 0.5 acre, DB 1418, Page 181, $25,000, DBS

Chester R. Lane to Miguel Angel Serrato Lopez, Green Springs, 1.906 acres, Lot A, $29,200, DBS

John P. Bennett to Promac 2, LLC, 15.67 acres, Tract III, $178,900, DBS

Wayne L. McGough to Pamela D. Wentz, Lot 232, Section V, Bluewater SD, $225,000, DBS

Ian J. Leahy to Mary R. Menafra, DB 1418, Page 348, $418,100, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Stephen P. Leech, Lot 43, Mill Run SD, $375,000, DBS

Julian Henderson Dymacek to Julian Henderson Dymacek, Mineral, 5.1 acres, Parcel A, $20,400, DEX

Kristen H. Wilson to The Canova Family Trust, DB 1418, Page 653, $440,000, DBS

Wells Fargo Bank to EXR, LLC, 0.72 acres, Lot 1, $108,800, DBS

Denise A. Drezek to Kathleen M. Martin, DB 1418, Page 726, $290,000, DBS

Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LT to Leslie W. Tyler, Lot 7, Harris Creek Estates SD, $217,000, DBS

CMH Homes, Inc. to Ronald R. Edwards, 1.607 acres, Lot 1, $164,899, DBS

PW Wise Lake, LLC to James Dudley Howard, Cuckoo, 4.197 acres, Section II, $219,000, DOA

Charles E. Snow, Stanley W. Shifflett, Green Springs, 7 acres, Lot 2a, $33,000, DBS

Kendric G. Brown to Timothy D. Morris, Lot 24, Section D, Retriever Ridge SD, $216,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to McKinley Chandler, 11.069 acres, DB 1418, Page 933, $245,200, DBS

Thomas D, Haire to James H. Pellick, Lot 4, Section I, Lakeshore Woods SD, $240,000, DBS

Zion Crossroads Properties, LLC to Stepping Stones Management, Inc., DB 1419, Page 37, 2,766,666, DBS

US Bank, NA – Successor Trustee to John D. Divine, 0.56 acre, Lot 1, $116,400, DBS

FFC Properties, LLC to Donald G. Clark Jr., DB 1419, Page 153, $269,000, DBS

Warren B. Seay Jr. to Derrick Hicks, 2.04 acres, Lot 8B, $25,000, DBS

Bank of America to HawkinsMoore and Company Real Estate, DB 1419, Page 231, $242,800, DBS

Susan E. Desilet to Jeffrey A. Trevillian, Lot 44, Section C, Retriever Ridge SD, $429,000, DBS

Elizabeth H. Shunkwiler to Gum Springs Builders, LLC, DB 1419, Page 335, $85,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Lot 97, Mill Run SD, $105,600, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to Gary Pollard Jr., Lot 97, Mill Run SD, $109,900, DBS

Scott P. Montgomery to Chadwick T. Bingler, DB 1419, Page 357, $86,000, DBS

Jesse Thomas Hadder to Amy E. Foster, DB 1419, Page 453, $85,200, DBS

James R. Weedon to Wesley R. Welch, DB 1419, Page 457, $180,000, DBS

James R. Weedon to Wesley R. Welch, DB 1419, Page 473, $40,900, DBS