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July 2015 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following July real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Edward D. Jones to Matthew Kidwell, 3.716 acres, Lot 4, Tall Oaks SD, $226,500, DBS

Roger L. Daniels to Danny K. Torgerson, DB 1411, Page 3, $265,000, DBS

Donald A. Campbell to Gregory A. Stephens, DB 1411, Page 31, $111,500, DBS

W. Richard Hairfield – Trustee to Robert Lee Downing II, 21.142 acres, DB 1411, Page 67, $74,200, DBS

Brian Ohlinger to Daniel S. Ohlinger, Cuckoo, 0.982 acres, Section I, $173,900, DBS

Equity Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, DB 1411, Page 141, $241,000, DTF

Rhondes W. Davis to Debra S. Lewis, DB 1411, Page 150, $69,700, DBS

James Scott Kane to Alan J. Edwards, DB 1411, Page 150, $360,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Robert E. Shaw, Louisa, Section 1, Phase E, $436,774, DBS

UVA Community Credit Union to Christopher L. Shelton, DB 1411, Page 272, $31,700, DBS

Michael W. S. Lockaby to Tyler Reid Weinhold, Lots 1028, 1029, 110, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $185,000, DBS

Mardev, LLC to Albert K. Koerner, DB 1411, Page 368, $170,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 520, $74,000, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to David S. Bolls, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 520, $74,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood  Capital Group, LLC, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 534, $66,600, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to Jeffrey E. Teague, Louisa,  DB 1411, Page 538, $69,900, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 542, $66,600, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to Garrett James Sawall, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 546, $69,900, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 550, $72,600, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to Saravana K. Palaniswamy, Louisa, DB 1411, Page 554, $72,600, DBS

Gladys Byiers to Brian T. Massie, Jackson, 20.4 acres, $144,900, DBS

CHM Homes, Inc. to Mark A. Campbell, Lot 7, Royal Crest SD, $230,000, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to FFC Properties, LLC, 6.473 acres, Lot 4, $183,500, DTF

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, DB 1411, Page 705, $103,074.88, DQC

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., DB 1411, Page 708, $213,900, DTF

Walter R. Venhuizen to Timothy Ganous, 88.136 and 10.5 acres, DB 1411, Page 712, $357,500, DBS

Diane Griffith to Charles K. Pulver, DB 1411, Page 784, $321,800, DBS

Phillip Hryczaniuk to Nicholas J. Marotta, DB 1411, Page 842, $368,900, DBS

Warren F. Muse to Joseph Mikolajczak, 6.52 acres, Lot 35, $75,000, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC – Sub. Trustee to US Bank National Assoc. – Trustee, DB 1411, Page 870, $165,000, DTF

Gordon Franklin Wright Jr. to Teddy K. Fung, Louisa, 17.359 acres, Parcel A, $155,400, DBS

Sally Osborne to J.D. Goodman Builder Inc., Jackson, 2.042 acres, $31,200, DBS

Dawn McClellan to Jonathan McClellan, DB 1411, Page 896, $161,575, DBS

C W Cash, Inc. to D & D Lawncare, LC, Green Springs, 3.079 acres, $150,000, DBS

Traditional Homes of ALbermarle, LT to Dain White, Lot 45, Section 2, $214,900, DBS

ACO Properties, LLC to James Barrett McLeod, DB 1412, Page 91, $98,500, DBS

Cooke Rental Properties, LLC to Michael B. Burnett, DB 1412, Page 165, $88,000, DBS

Riveroak Timberland Investments, LLC to Quaker Hill Farm, LLC, DB 1412, Page 191 $687,900, DBS

Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, DB 1412, Page 212, $125,280, DTF

Suntrust Mortgage, Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development DB 1412, Page 220, $128,800, DBS

Flatdog Properties, LLC to Paul L. Fisher, Lot 1, Evergreens SD, $219,600, DBS

William A. Cooke, LLC to Ethan Allen Call II, Louisa, 18 acres, Section II, $85,200, DBS

Monarch Land, LLC to Gregory N. Jackson, DB 1412, Page 303, $235,000, DBS

Julian D. Edwards to Jeanne C. McMillan, DB 1412, Page 332, $175,000, DBS

Lexie Ventures, LLC to Joshua J. Williams, DB 1412, Page 352, $150,000, DBS

Scott Semones to Carl E. Swan, 32.498 acres, Lot 11, $315,000, DBS

Leonard Sebasta to Scott Reed, Louisa, Lot 3, Section 2, Phase B, $415,000, DBS

Aaron Siek to Geoffrey Eric Barger, DB 1412, Page 838, $206,000, DBS

Virginia Credit Union, Inc. to Richard M. Lancaster, DB 1214, Page 863, $175,000, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Brian P. Stevens, Lot 16, Section 1, Phase E, Spring Creek SD, $518,250, DBS

Robert J. Schmonsess – Co. Trustee to Dennis Randolph, DB 1412, Page 901, $1,425,000, DBS

Lillie H. Smith to Cutler F. Sims, DB 1412, Page 927, $191,100, DBS

Thomas F. McClernon Jr. to Rodney Wood, Cuckoo, 1.456 acres, Section II, $51,000, DBS

Julia M. King to ROnald E. Payton, 1.5 acres, DB 1413, Page 144, $70,000, DBS

Stone Financing, LLC to Joe Gary Dempsey, Cuckoo, DB 1413, Page 160, $1,00,800, DBS

Wayne Dale Pulliam to Ronald Wetzler Jr., Mineral, 20.328 acres, Parcel C, $235,900, DBS

Jennifer Yetman to Forest Blaine Caldwell III, Louisa, 0.494 acres, $150,000, DBS

Glen Samuel Nicholas to Julia G. Lacy, Jackson, 6.5 acres, Parcel A, 6.48 acres, Parcel B, $135,500, DBS

Deutsche Bank National Trust Comp. to Gerald Gaouette, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Lot 9, $122,600, DBS

Surety Trustees, LLC to Duetsche Bank National Trust Comp., Jackson, 3.162 acres, Section 2, $162,500, DTF

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub. Trustee to Flagstar Bank, FSB, Green Spring, 10.21 acres, $142,400, DTF

Mill Run, Inc. to Steve L. Burdette Sr., Cuckoo, 0.959 acres, Lot 73, $95,000, DBS

Adam Jones to Brian W. Van Benschoten, Cuckoo, 0.918 acres, Section I, $57,600, DBS

Orchid Homes, LLC to Nita Gold, Cuckoo, Lot 38, Orchid Lake Estates SD, $143,500, DBS

Linda S. Wheatley to Elliot H. Griffin, Louisa, Section 1, phase D, $455,000, DBS

Christopher E. Flohr to James O. Howell III, Lot 8, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $302,000, DBS

Robert H. McRoberts Jr. to Richard L. Hollandsworth Jr., DB 1413, Page 736, $54,000, DBS

Patricia A. Shifflett to Francoise Powers, DB 1413, Page 739, $42,500, DBS

Serena Shifflett Fields to Serena Shifflett Fields, Louisa, 5.87 acres, 1.17 acres, 1.18 acres, lots 5, 6, and 7, $50,000, DBS

Pamela J. Cook to Paulownia Holdings, LLC, Mineral, 3.78 acres, $37,700, DBS

Martha B. Brice to John K. Tanner, DB 1413, Page 780, $75,700, DBS

Janice Poyner Dean to Rhonda B. Edmonds, Jackson, 3.045 acres, Lot 2, $165,000, DBS

Norstrong Properties, LLC to Benjamin Salamanca, Jackson, 2.1276 acres, $25,000, DBS

Elmo G. Cross Jr. – Executor to Michael C. Alexander, Cuckoo, 3.171 acres, $187,000, DBS

Commonwealth Property Investments to Raymar Byrd, Louisa, DB 1413, Page 875, $187,000, DBS

Ferncliff, LLC o Violet Properties, LLC Louisa, 6.82 acres, Lot 16, $511,500, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Louisa, Lot 46, Mill Run SD, $307,200, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to Farzad Mogharabi, Louisa, Lot 46, Mill Run SD, $334,900, DBS

Sandra L. Miller to George F. Scott, Louisa, 2.239 acres, $157,000, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffrey Lynn Johnson, Cuckoo, 0.92 acre, Block IV, $100,600, DBS

Kevin Wayne Lee to Earl L. Wolf Jr., Green Spings, 6.131 acres, Lot 5, $38,700, DBS

Donald A. Erbaugh to Carolyn P. Erbaugh, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, Section II, $167,350, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Timothy James Bovill, Louisa, Section 2, Block A, Phase D, $353,092, DBS

Richard Mark Robertson to Davis Kennedy, Green Springs, 17 acres, $Tract II, $82,500, DBS

Elva Inez Reynolds to Jason S. Cimino, Cuckoo, DB 1414, Page 193, $142,500, DBS

PNC Mortgage to Francisco Castelan-Anaya, Louisa, 1.857 acres, $184,100, DBS

F. Blake Cox Jr. to Allen F. Perry, Jackson, 1 acre, $100,600, DBS

Garcia A. Lewis to Gil Benmoshe, Mineral, 15.046 acres, Parcel A, $99,800, DBS

Lee H. Hathaway to Tyler R. Duckworth, Louisa, 1.687 acres, $230,000, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to John J. Willy, Louisa, Section 1, Phase E, $453,644, DBS

Pamela Keene to Edward D. Jones, Green Springs, 1.5 acres, Section II, Phase I, $251,000, DBS

G E Keating, Inc. to Shannon Drive Properties, LLC, Cuckoo, 19.05 acres, Section 1, $98,200, DTF

Samuel I. White, PC -Sub. Trustee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mineral, 3 acres, Tract II, $243,355, DTF

Atlantic TrusteesServices, LLC to Midfirst Bank, Cuckoo, 3.03 acres, Lot 10, $110,900, DTF

Graven W. Craig, Spec. Comm. to Commonwealth Property Investments, Mineral, 1.48 and 1.37 acres, Lots1 and 2, $224,100, DBS

Charles E. Anderson to Eugene H. Thompson, Lot 26, Cuckoos Nest SD, $755,000, DBS

Charles P. Weber to David E. Burget, Lot 38, Overton Fork SD, $743,800, DBS

Douglas Raymond Grover to Fredric Newton, Lot 131, Section III, Windwood Coves SD, $245,000, DBS

Norman Keeran to Keith J. McLaughlin, Louisa, Lot 19R, Section 2, Phase C, Spring Creek SD, $315,000, DBS

Lloyd H. Eck to Inez, LLC, Jackson, 43.45 acres, $275,200, DBS

Jessica M. Cutright to Frank A. Martin Jr., DB 1414, Page 515, $179,000, DBS

Sandra K. Williams to Katherine Grace Comer, DB 1414, Page 553, $138,000, DBS

HSBC Bank USA Trustee for Wells Fargo, NA to Seth Varga, 3.77 acres, Lot 9, Bent Creek SD, $153,900, DBS

Matthew K. Birkhead to Wallace B. Harlow III, Louisa, 1.8837 acres, Lot 3, $142,500, DBS

Jonathan Slade Seward to James K. Rowland, Lot 2, Oak Knoll SD, $263,000, DBS

Mill Run, Inc. to Lakewood Capital Group, LLC, Lot 20, Mill Run SD, $264,000, DBS

Lakewood Capital Group, LLC to John V. Conte, Lot 20, Mill Run SD, $264,000, DBS

George J. Tulli to Gerald J. Hierholzer, DB 1414, Page 697, $96,500, DBS

Tommie S. Ashe to Jorge A. Elera, 3 acres, Lot 9, $34,000, DBS

P Square G Square, LLC to Cooper Vineyards, LLC, Louisa, 17.87 acres, 0.53 acre. Lot B, 10.577 acre, 0.83 acre, $1,700,000, DBS

L. Bruce Robinette to Troy S. Pope, 2.71 acres, Lot 2, Ridgerun SD, $167,300, DBS

Jack R. Trivette – trustee to Travis W. Madison, DB 1414, Page 950, $197,000, DBS

Lake Anna Center, LLC to Delbert J. Panknin, DB 1415, Page 11, $100,000, DBS

Beulah S. Dymacek to Samuel Nathan  Panther, DB 1415, Page 58, $70,000, DBS

Claude Askew to Frank B. Bishop III – Trustee, Jackson, 5.206 acres, $174,000, DBS

Fannie Mae to Christina K. Driscoll, Jackson, 3.761 acres, $204,200, DBS

Federal Home Loan mortgage Corp. to Indigo Pangea, Louisa, 0.6667 acres, $89,200, DBS

Fannie Mae to Jennifer Yetman, 0.441 acre, DB 1415, Page 212, $134,600, DBS

Bank of America to Stanley Oginz,Lot 32, Holly Grove SD, $110,500, DBS