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May 2015 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following May real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Timothy J. Cass to Kevin Turner, Louisa, Section I, $225,000, DBS

New Ventures Real Estate, LLC to Ryan S. Martin, Lot 11, Meadow Forest SD, $192,000, DBS

ALG Trustee, LLC – Sub. Trustee to US Bank Trust NA – Trustee, DB 1402, Page 494, $137,300, DTF

Nathaniel A. Scaggs – Sub. Trustee to Rural Development, 3.32 acres, DB 1402, Page 563, $49,930, DTF

John A. Rife – Special Commissioner to Mineral United Methodist Church, Lots 5-6, Block 56, $25,500, DSC

Estate of Calvin H. Ellis to Grief Packaging, LLC, Louisa,  176 acres, DB 1402, Page 584, $207,752, DLT

Deer Crossing, LLC to Kendall A. Arthur, Louisa, 1.5 acres, Lot 2, $216,700, DBS

Marvin Sims to Lori Beth Einsig, 5.79 acres, DB 1402, Page 658, $197,500, DBS

Jerry B. Demoe to Roy E. Stevens, Lot 104, Section I, Pine Harbour SD, $499,000, DBS

Douglas J. Pattison to Gregory Raines, Lot 34, Millpond Coves SD, $450,000, DBS

John Anthony Leake to Kerry Wilson, DB 1402, Page 758, $39,200, DBS

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Habitat for Humanity, Cuckoo, 2.288 acres, Lot 2B, $216,400, DBS

Andrea Wright to Willie Odell Hill Jr., DB 1402, Page 874, $30,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., DB 1402, Page 922, $110,000, DBS

Jason E. Hyer to Commonwealth Property Investments, 3.42 acres, Lot 1, $22,500, DBS

Martha Major Hall – Executor to Kelly M. Hansen, Lot 83, Section II, Overton Fork SD, $175,000, DBS

Patricia Lynn Grimes – Trustee to Stone Financing, LLC, DB 1403, Page 68, $984,400, DBS

Kenneth M. Marolla to John H. Luck, Town of Mineral, Lots 6-8, Block 55, $182,900, DBS

Thomas Bryan Lovato to William A. Cooke, Inc., DB 1403, Page 136, $68,600, DBS

Equity Trustee’s, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Wells Fargo Financial System Virginia, DB 1403, Page 185, $71,900, DTF

Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC – Sub. Trustee to Selene Finance, LP, DB 1403, Page 199, $250,981.53, DTF

Henry J. Fishman to David R. Hazelton, Lot 3, Quarry Harbour SD, $316,800, DBS

Michael R. Sheridan to RCS Investments, LLC, DB 1403, Page 222, $414,500, DBS

Pearl Beatrice Hobson to Andy Steward Plumley, DB 1403, Page 279, $200,000, DBS

Stuart Barrett Jones to CMH Homes, Inc., 1.607 acres, Lot 1, $25,800, DBS

Nelson Lee Jackson to Jordan M. Eason, 14 acres, DB 1403, Page 644, $56,000, DBS

Stephanie M. Harlow to Ernest T. Carter, Louisa, 13 acres, 112.01 acres, 3 acres, DB 1403, Page 664, $30,000, DBS

Gregory Williams to Roger R. Randall, DB 1403, Page 669, $185,000, DBS

John M. Wahler to Robert E. Nolan, Lot 165, Section IV, Bluewater SD, $159,900, DBS

David H. Muns to Ray A. Morrison, Lot 16, Section II, Scott SD, $115,000, DBS

Randolph F. Pleasants to Brittany L. Axselle, Jackson, Lot 7, Pleasants Acres SD, $138,000, DBS

Michael P. Valatka to John M. Wahler, Louisa, 1.5acres, DB 1403, Page 795, $203,900, DBS

Adam J. Van Alstyne to Tad Richman, Lot 123, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $235,000, DBS

Monarch Land, LLC to Robert Chevalier, Lot 3, Bays Farm SD, $202,350, DBS

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC to US Bank National Assoc. – Trustee, DB 1403, Page 893, $255,441.08, DTF

Commonwealth Property Investments to Tiffany Thornton, Lot 18, Jacoby Junction SD, $179,000, DBS

Jannette Luck to Mariah Luck, 0.7953 acre, 0.6822 acre with Plat attached, DB 1404, Page 109, $13,551, DEX

Lucille Harris to Samuel Bazzanella, DB 1404, Page 132, $43,400, DBS

Michele McCarthy to John Boley, 2.75 acres, DB 1404, Page 136, $82,500, DBS

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub. Trustee to Virginia Home Buyers, LLC, DB 1404, Page 173, $138,500, DTF

Leonardo C. Kittsteiner to Kevin J. Horn, Cuckoo, Section II, DB 1404, Page 213, $205,000, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Comp., DB 1404, Page 348, $58,400, DTF

Estate of Joyce Perkins Richardson to Cynthia M. Richardson, Louisa, 5.86 acres, DB 1404, Page 398, $16,000, DBS

Rajkumar Venkatesan to Gregory M. Williams, DB 1404, Page 459, $360,000, DBS

Barbara J. Gustine to Benjamin Greer, Green Springs, DB 1404, Page 517, $12,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc, Louisa, Lot 69, Phase E, Spring Creek SD, $88,800, DBS

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Megan M. Battaile,1.5 acres, Section 1, Lot 22, Bien Venue SD, $135,600, DBS

Robert L. Haley to Robert M. Tirrell, 5 acres, DB 1404, Page 560, $240,000, DBS

Elmer C. Guinn to David W. Schneider, Lot 10, Hickory Creek Acres SD, $455,000, DBS

Kathryn S. Morris to Daniel C. Da Silva, 1.125 acres, Lot 3, Seclusion Shores SD, $845,000, DBS

Carole A. Slone to Joyce Bako, DB 1404, Page 694, $33,000, DBS

Irene Dorsey to DMIT, LLC, DB 1404, Page 698, $154,500, DBS

T & E Properties, Inc. to Kyle P. Austin, DB 1404, Page 702, $232,100, DBS

Karla M. Burchett to Jami Lynn Perkins, DB 1404, Page 724, $164,000, DBS

Deborah Raffaelli to Roy Allan Lockhart, Lot 102, Section II, Bluewater SD, $160,000, DBS

Christopher E. Schuler to Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP, Lot 25, Section I,  Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $160,000, DBS

Iris Sylvia Bartholomew to Larry A. Lamb, DB 1404, Page 792, $24,300, DBS

Village Bank Corp. to CW Cash, Inc., DB 1404, Page 856, $893,200, DBS

Melvin T. Bliss to Christiny Thick, Lot 21, Old Farm House SD, $174,900, DBS

Fidelity Bank to Randall Grant Mullins, Lot 2, Winding Ridge SD, $152,000, DBS

Jack L. Eden to Malinda V. Marcus, Section IV, Lot 119, Windwood Coves SD, $228,500, DBS

Allison L. McCoy to Gordon D. Bremer, DB 1405, Page 170, $165,000, DBS

Mladen Krstic to Joshua Lee Foote, Lot 72, Mountain View Estates SD, $219,000, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Debra Mae Herfurth, DB 1405, Page 279, $97,200, DBS

Phillip Neal Johnson to Craig A. Clark, 5.89 acres, Lot 15, $201,700, DBS

Amerigas Propane, LP to Buckingham Branch Railroad Company, Louisa, 2.215 acres, VSH 33, DB 1405, Page 333, $128,000, DBS

Kristine Elizabeth Sacra to Homer L. Lisle Jr., DB 1405, Page 432, $165,000, DBS

Suzanne E. Christopher to Rhonda Wyld, Mineral, 1.5 acres, Lot C, $24,500, DBS

Thomas L. Stanley to Greg Hafeman, 2.549 acres, Lot 1, $165,500, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Gregory L. Whitmer, Louisa, Section 2, Phase E, $528,380, DBS

Charles G. Mangum – Trustee to Alan D. Montgomery, Green Springs, 6.902 acres, $263,000, DBS

W. Richard Hairfield – Trustee to William A. Cooke, LLC, Louisa, 18 acres, Section II, $85,200, DBS

Vincent Oliveri to Joshua Adam Harris, Green Springs, 2.653 acres, $180,900, DBS

Bruce Hussar to Mladen Krstic, Green Springs, Lot 14, $290,000, DBS

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Billy J. Mills, Jackson, DB 1405, Page 577, $143,100, DBS

Virginia Commonwealth Bank to Commonwealth Property Investments, Louisa, DB 1405, Page 602, $27,500, DBS

Trustee Services of Virginia – Sub. Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Jackson, 11.069 acres, Lot 1, 5.067 acres, Lot 2, $198,200, DTF

Robert J. Mercer to Gerald W. Mahaffee, Jackson, 0.947 acres, $295,000, DBS

Johnson Construction Co., Inc. to George Martin, Jackson, 2.32 acres, $192,602, DBS

Fannie Mae to Joseph F. Choquet, DB1405, Page 743, $59,700, DBS

Borden Estates, LLC to GK Structures, LLC, Lot 13, Winding Ridge SD, $55,500, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP, Louisa, Section 1, Phase E, $190,000, DBS

Daniel Eugene Strawbridge to Rhonda R. Jones, DB 1405, Page 929 $58,400, DBS

Elizabeth Peterson Caetano to Brian Joseph Dibble, Louisa, Lot 21, $226,000, DBS

Helon T. Hiter to Joshua Charles Glasco, Louisa, 1.82 acres, 0.08 acre, $11,200, DBS

Helon T. Hiter to Joshua Charles Glasco, Louisa, 0.52 acre, $142,600, DBS

Michael G. Jolly to Seth Osbourne, DB 1406, Page 41, $76,300, DBS

Michael P. Sollecito Jr. to Eric T. Stadtmueller, DB 1406, Page 84, $392,450, DBS

James Murray Hopkins to Harold Plasterer, DB 1406, Page 112, $139,099, DBS

John L. Sharrard – Trustee to Jeffery W. Morin, DB 1406, Page 252, $1,000,000, DBS

Rebecca J. Gooch to Barrie Thomas Cryan, DB 1406, Page 278, $210,000, DBS