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September 2015 Louisa County Property Transfers

The following September real estate property transfer records were obtained from the Louisa County Circuit Court’s Office. 

Beatrice Alfreda Poindexter t Jeffrey B. Brooks, Louisa, 21 acres, $48,900, DBS

Frna Mae Poindexter to Jeffrey B. Brooks, Louisa, 18.5 acres, $37,000, DBS

Earl R. Smith to Andrew T. Doverspike, Green Springs, 17.835 acres, Lot 2, $316,200, DBS

Eric T. Jacobs to Scott R. Withrow, Cuckoo, 0.918 acre, $262,000, DBS

William M. McKibbin III to Timothy M. Layne, Jackson, DB 1419, Page 616, $173,200, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Green Springs, 0.2721 acre, Phase D, $150,500, DBS

Jimmie Underwood to Jason Graff, Mineral, 1.014 acres, $619,000, DBS

Jessica M. Howard to Patrick G. Beach, Jackson, 2.53 acres, Lot 4, $235,000, DBS

Bradley James Stockton to Pamela T. Scott, Green Springs, Lot 765, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $140,000, DBS

Evelyn E. Boyd to Anne I. Richards, Cuckoo, 1.075 acres, Section I, $133,900, DBS

Brian F. Wilbourn to Starr R. Havens, Jackson, 5.66 acres, $87,200, DBS

Joseph Anderson to Andrew Lawrence Edwards, Cuckoo, 1.59 acres, Parcel B, $111,400, DBS

James Michael Howse to Charlotte Lucas, Green Springs, 0.992 acre, $152,000, DBS

Redus VA Housing, LLC to Daniel P. Girouard, Green Springs, 21.7692 acres, 21.0861 acres, 21.4264 acres, 21 acres, $255,800, DBS

Daniel P. Girouard to B & D Property Management, LLC, Green Springs, 21.7692 acres, 21.0861 acres, 21.4264 acres, 21 acres, $255,800, DQC

Roy D. Sale Jr. to Jeremy King, Jackson, 2.14 acres, Lot 4A, $193,000, DBS

John E. Turner to Quaker Hill Farm, LLC, DB 1419, Page 851, $124,200, DBS

GK Structures, LLC to Byron A. Howard, Jackson, DB 1419, Page 930, $176,000, DBS

Lawrence W. Katz to James A. Braga, DB 1420, Page 135, $668,600, DBS

Roy Eugene Strong Sr. to Shawn David Jones, DB 1420, Page 142, $102,600,DBS

Mary Cunningham to Mark W. Grenert, Lot 65, Block A, Section 2, Phase D, Spring Creek SD, $232,600, DBS

Mary Alice Runquist to Christopher M. Hofer, DB 1420, Page 231, $115,900, DBS

Jean Marie Wiltshire to Angela Wright DB 1420, Page 294, $195,600, DBS

Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LTD to Kathryn Tracy Fanton, Lot 71, Block I, $205,900, DBS

Pauline Meador to Chad L. Lewis, DB 1420, Page 416, $90,000, DBS

Samuel I. White PC – Sub. Trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, Jackson, 3.1504 acres, $127,700, DTF

Monarch Land, LLC to Lynn Mitchell, Louisa, DB 1420, Page 547, $268,976, DBS

Mary Ann Q. Bagby – Trustee to Erin D. Ryan, Louisa, Lot 17, Bear Castle SD, $538,800, DBS

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub. Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., DB 1420, Page 580, $146,100, DTF

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub. Trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 0.388 acre, DB 1420, Page 684, $66,900, DTF

Shelia C. Marks to Kenneth Neal Liddle, DB 1420, Page 687, $141,200, DBS

Ruth Hill Watkins to Walton Lumber Company, Inc., Cuckoo, 12.466 acres, $10,000, DBS

Douglas W. Frago to Kathleen Louise Johnson, DB 1420,  Page 757, $12,000, DBS

Janice M. Woodson to Brenda M. Fillings, Cuckoo, Lot 19, Tall Pine SD, $389,000, DBS

Timothy Allen Paumen to Todd A. Holden, Cuckoo, 1.129 acres, Section II, $201,500, DBS

Brownart, LLC to Starr R. Havens, Jackson, 2.046 acres, $50,000, DBS

Simon Core to Warren Chisholm, Cuckoo, 8.408 acres, $535,000, DBS

University of Virginia to Matthew Sloen Lawrence, Green Springs, 4.095 acres, $39,200, DBS

Regina Elizabeth Myers to Matthew Sloen Lawrence, Green Springs, DB 1420, Page 855, $46,300, DBS

Cory J. Demchak to Dwight David Raines, DB 1420, Page 859, $194,000, DBS

Eddie Bryant to Patrick M. McKinney Jr., DB 1420, Page 887, $220,500, DBS

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to US Bank, NA – Trustee, DB 1420, Page 939, $591,100, DTF

Pinnacle Settlement Service, Inc. to Whitehouse Business Park, LLC, Louisa, 43.5 acres, $35,000, DBS

Brooke Nicholas to Anthony Woods, DB 1421, Page 60, $164,950, DBS

Darlene A. Dunivan to James K. Stanley, DB 1421, Page 76, $115,400, DBS

US Bank National Assoc. – Trustee to Steve A. Bennett, Mineral, 3 and 3 acres, $200,100, DBS

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America, NA, Mineral, 1.5 acres, Lot 7A, $99,900, DBS

Fannie Mae to Dameron Investments, Inc., Cuckoo, 4.273 acres, $150,300, DBS

Gordon S. Haney to Steven E. Birkelund, DB 1421, Page 123, $50,700, DBS

Creative Home Builders, LLC to Michael L. Bridges, DB 1422, Page 143, $61,400, DBS

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA to Michelle McCarthy, 1.06 acres, DB 1421, Page 147, $107,800, DBS

Bank of America, NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, DB 1421, Page 152, $194,100, DBS

WACF, LLC to Donald D. Hendrickson, Green Springs, Block C, $157,500, DBS

Samuel I. White, PC – Sub. Trustee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Green Springs, DB 1421, Page 179, $291,263, DTF

Carol Haney to Jonathan H. Masters, 7.98 acres, DB 1421, Page 193, $124,700, DBS

Ann Ratcliff Toms to DKC Investments, LLC, 2.1619 acres, Lots 1 and 2, $540,000, DBS

M. Richard Epps, PC – Sub. Trustee to Bank of New York Mellon, Lot 3, Hickory Landing SD, $173,000, DTF

Robert William Joyner to Catherine P. Wood, 14.01 acres, Lot 26, $203,000, DBS

Donald K. Carl to Peter M. Davis, Lots 406 and 407, Blue Ridge Shores SD, $250,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP, DB 1421, Page 514, $96,900, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Aneet Bhattal, Lot 69, Section 2, Phase E, Spring Creek SD, $399,802, DBS

Jayne L. Rich to Charles C. Higgs Jr., DB 1421, Page 631, $35,000, DBS

Flagstar Bank, FSB to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, DB 1421, Page 644, $121,800, DBS

Karl E. Oswald to Charles F. Shuck Jr., DB 1421, Page 710, 160,000, DBS

Duane M. Goodfellow to Ronald R. Stayments Jr., Lot 40, Section 2, Phase A, Spring Creek SD, $350,000, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc., Louisa, Section 2, Phase E, $88,800, DBS

Ruth Ragland to Walter H. Preston Jr., DB 1421, Page 824, $123,800, DBS

Kenneth Laurence Crandll to Rebecca W. Stewart, DB 1421, Page 857, $62,000, DBS

Angela M. White to Daryl J. Madden, DB 1421, Page 885, $226,800, DBS

Stephen R. Christianson to Matthew S. Amonette, 2.65 acres, Parcel D, $217,900, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to I & J Home Builders, LLC, DB 1422, Page 56, $32,000, DBS

Magalyn G. Menard to Robert Joyner, DB 1422, Page 208, $67,400, DBS

Elizabeth Anne Payne to Melinda Whitehead, 4.88 acres, Lot 6, $41,500, DBS

FFC Properties, LLC to Connie F. Fox, DB 1422, Page 289, $303,700, DBS

Kenneth L. Crandall to Suzanna M. Stanley, Lot 60, Section I, Bien Venue Plantation SD, $63,000, DBS

Richard T. Harry Jr. – Sub. Trustee to WACG, LLC, 2 acres, DB 1422, Page 425, $126,500, DBS

Hanna & Sons, LLC to Joseph R. Schartneer, Cuckoo, 0.96 acre, Block IV, $589,700, DBS

James P. Williams to Daniel R. Owens, DB 1422, Page 497, $166,400, DBS

Countryside Land Company, LC to Angelina Pessotti Duarte, Louisa, DB 1422, Page 553, $39,900, DBS

Spring Creek Land Development, LLC to NVR, Inc.,DB 1422, Page 579, $135,000, DBS

Paul B. Schlee to Jacob A. Wolfcale, DB 1422, Page 602, $410,000, DBS

Commonwealth Asset Services, LLC o Federal National Mortgage Assoc., DB 1422, Page 677, $133,000, DTF

Neal S. Bennett to Jodi Jones Smith, DB 1422, Page 703, $270,900, DBS

Andrew A. Wilson to Andrew Parelius, DB 1422, Page 749, $30,000, DQC

Carson L. Hartley to William B. Campbell, Lot 74, Section II, Tanyard SD, $286,700, DBS

Kathryn O. Johnson to Herbert W. Bowles, DB 1422, Page 829, $50,000, DBS

Rachel S. Mays to Franklin W. Groome Jr., Cuckoo, 3.78 acres, Lot 4, $47,000, DBS

Kenneth S. Buynak to Meagan E. Welch, 3.76 acres, DB 1422, Page 943, $180,000, DBS

Traditional Homes of Albermarle, LT to John M. Shaffer, Lot 9, Harris Creek SD, $216,550, DBS

Shirley Ann Marshall Mawyer to Samuel E. Brown III, 1.088 acres, DB 1423, Page 30, $157,500, DBS

Gary N. Nicholas to Brook Nicholas, DB 1423, Page 49, $133,700, DBS

Betty Blair Talley to DD Watson Company, LLC, DB 1423, Page 118, $15,000, DBS

Jefferson M. Catlett Jefferson to George Michael Pace,DB 1423, Page 183, $17,200, DBS

Fluvanna/Louisa Housing Foundation to Tyler Anthony, DB 1423, Page 243, $141,440, DBS

David C. Contini to Wesley F. Sheler, DB 1423, Page 255, $213,000, DBS

James Kenneth Hicks to Donna Zeigler, DB 1423, Page 274, $60,000, DBS

Samantha N. Stanley to Timothy Beaver, DB 1423, Page 320, $185,500, DBS

NVR, Inc. to Carlos M. Simmons, Louisa, Section 3, Phase  E, $431,432, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Thierry J. Fortier, DB 1423, Page 389, $505,984, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to James J. Petrakis, DB 1423, Page 411, $564,210, DBS

Piedmont Neighborhoods, LP to Rebecca L. Hoffman, DB 1423, Page 433, $647,273, DBS

Catherine E. Lucas to Nicole K. Payne, 1.773 acres, Lot 27, Holly Springs SD, $151,000, DBS

Richard A. Jones – Co-Trustee to Russell Murphy, DB 1423, Page 552, $780,000, DBS

Tonya Denise Payne to David Milton Hicks, DB 1423, Page 752, $48,600, DBS

Craig P. Woodberry to US Bank National Assoc., DB 1423, Page 853, $350,232.12, DLF

Steve L. Butts to Brian E. Capps, Jackson, 2.11 acres, $170,000, DBS

Paul F. Perkins – Trustee to Pamela Lea Emery, Green Springs, 7.42 acres, $360,000, DBS

I & J Home Builders to Adam A. B. Gholson, DB 1423, Page 910, $267,727, DBS

William A. Cooke, Inc. to Joesph E. Starkey, DB 1423, Page 941, $62,992, DBS