Louisa residents receive free grocery give-away

Anthony Scott is the assistant manager at Louisa's Food Lion.

On Wednesday morning, the first 200 shoppers at the Louisa Food Lion were pleasantly surprised with a free bag of groceries.

The promotion was to celebrate Food Lion’s new branch strategy: Simple, Quality, and Price.

“What is going on today is we are having a grand opening of our branch strategy,” said  assistant manager Anthony Scott. “The aisles are clearer and there is a lot more room to move around, and the store is clean and our prices are lower.”

The Food Lion tote bags contained a liter of soft drink, macaroni and cheese, thin spaghetti, foil wrap, storage bags, elbow macaroni, vanilla wafers, and tonic water.

By tcvnews
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 9:32 am