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An intimate portrait of April the Giraffe

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 8:00 am

Every now and again something captures the hearts, minds and souls of the American people  Fifteen-year-old April the Giraffe did just that a little while ago.  In a time of political turmoil and rather intrusive civil disobedience; liberals, conservatives, followers of all religions or none, all colors and creeds can turn their minds to April the Giraffe for a true moment of reflection (a moment of Zen, to borrow from John Stewart).

April lives at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursvile, New York and was expecting as we entered early 2017.  According to the site streaming her pre-labor routine, her calf was expected to weigh in at around 150 pounds and be in the neighborhood of six feet tall at birth (they were pretty accurate, there). Sure, oodles of giraffes might be born across the world every year, but April was streaming her experience live, or at least the folks at Animal Adventure Park were streaming it.

In the time people spent checking on April’s progress as an expectant mother, all else fades away—see, Zen. Her mood, behavior and posture made us pause to wonder what she was thinking; how she was feeling; and if she knew how her life will be different as a mom. As the movement in her belly increased, the anticipation of her audience increased as well. Top executives stop what they’re doing to check on her, as seen in the social media feeds dedicated to her, just as school children were shown the feed as they awaited the miracle of life to unfold. The expectation was nothing akin to waiting for the PowerBall drawing, but there was still that mixture of excitement and tension that comes with a birth.

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