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An ultimate kid’s hunt

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 11:11 am

Kaylen Snead participated in a number of activities during her Ultimate Kids Hunt experience including target practice.

Kaylen Snead, a joyful nine-year-old who enjoys hunting with her father, patiently waited for a telephone call hoping that she would be chosen to go on the Ultimate Kids Hunt.

Snead’s interest in hunting started last year when her father took her with him to run the dogs.

“I like hunting because I can be close to nature and I like the peace and quiet just sitting there,” Snead said.

This led Snead to enter a raffle at the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show in Richmond in late summer. When they called to tell her that her name had been drawn from the raffle, she was filled with excitement.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Snead said.

The weekend hunting event was held in late November 2012 in West Jefferson, North Carolina for 12 lucky children from the East Coast.

The Jouett Elementary student received a Savage Arms .243 rifle, bullets, a knife, Bass Pro Shop camo clothing, including bibs, hat and sweatshirt with her name embroidered on it, boots, and other assorted hunting merchandise.

With the aid of her guide, she hunted on several volunteers’ properties. And with her new hunting gear, mom, dad, and brother in tow, Snead was ready for the adventure to begin.

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