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Another winter storm coming to Louisa

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 9:30 am

As Louisa County was suppose to be slammed with a winter storm on Friday, January 18, the Louisa County Public School’s Facebook page was being slammed with posts about a delayed opening followed by a school closing.

“A little more notice would be nice next time. Most of the surrounding systems canceled last night,” one local said on the Louisa County Public School Facebook page.

The tensions got heated between the Facebook users as the comments were coming in.

Parents were not only frustrated with what they considered to be slow decisions but some were getting frustrated with each other.

“Wow, so you have 2000+ parents depending on school or figuring out where to

send your children we should all bow down to those few people who made a bad decision. You still don’t get what I’m saying. No need in arguing with you cause you don’t get it. Whatever!!!!,” said one local parent.

As a response, one parent fired back defending The Louisa County Public Schools.

“No one is starting an argument, just stating the facts. Until it is seen from all sides (and by the way I am a parent who works too) you can’t go on complaining that a decision hasn’t been made in a timely  fashion under your expectations. I think considering all the things LCPS has been through, they do a darn good job and making that decision is def a  hard one to make,” a local parent said.

Throughout the conversation, several parents continued to argue their points. Some agreed with the Louisa County Public Schools’ decision while others stated how they just wanted more notice.

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