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At the hub of it all—the women behind the badges

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 6:46 pm

There is an old saying that “Behind every good man is a good woman,” and that holds true behind the scenes at the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office.

Lori McLaughlin, Dawn Moore and Teresa Lowe are the women that keep things moving smoothly at the department.

McLaughlin, who started out as a dispatcher, has been the records administrator since 1991, and Lowe is her part-time assistant.  Moore joined them as an administrative assistant three years ago.

The records department is responsible for maintenance and retention of all records at the sheriff’s office.  Their jobs involve keeping track of court, citizen and officer obtained criminal papers, traffic reports, warrants, and all civil paperwork. They also perform employment checks, assist citizens by phone, in the lobby, or help them obtain trespass notices, as well as take fingerprints for gun permits and employment.

“We have the best department and the best bosses ever.  We really do,” McLaughlin said. “They are so supportive of everybody. I could not ask for a better job.”

They all feel blessed to have the bosses that they have.  It is with pride that they talk about how Sheriff Ashland Fortune and Major Donnie Lowe are looking to the future and want to take care of Louisa County.

“They want to make sure it is here for the next generation,” McLaughlin said.

Moore deals with the personnel resource side of the department.

“Anything that anybody needs done, I take care of it.” Moore said.

The women concede that the deputies have enough stress when they go out on the road and sometimes see horrific things, so they try to keep things light and joke around when they come into the office.

“I think we make a difference. I like knowing, even with just the paperwork, we can help put a pedophile in jail that has abused someone and, somewhere, we are a part of that,” Lowe said. “We don’t hunt them down or arrest them…”

“But we make sure the paperwork is done correctly so it doesn’t slip through the cracks,” McLaughlin finished.

The women say their main objective is to be there to support the men and women who serve with the sheriff’s office.

“We are here for whatever they need,” Lowe said. “They just know they can count on us. I hope they know they can.”

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