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Auto detailer now operating from new Mineral office

Posted on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 9:00 am


Foxbrook Auto Detailing, which recently opened an office in the town of Mineral, is a mobile detailing business. Detailers travel to the homes of customers to provide detailing and cleaning for cars, boats and even aircrafts. Submitted photo.

Louisa resident Mark Cook has been managing his car-detailing business, Foxbrook Auto Detailing, since 2009.

But as of this March, he now has an office to show for it.

Cook recently moved his company’s headquarters from his family room to Mineral Avenue, which he hopes will allow the business to expand.

And though that new office will likely give Cook a lot more elbow room at his desk, he maintains that his business will remain a mobile service, meaning his licensed detailers will still do most of their assignments at the homes of customers.

For Cook, customer convenience seems to be the key.

“Out here, we go to people’s homes and take care of their car, whether it’s washing or full-detailing,” Cook said. “We do pretty much everything!”

One glance at the list of services offered by the company confirms his claim. Operating with four employees, Cook’s company provides a variety of services – vacuuming, auto detailing, washing – for an array of personal crafts, from cars to boats and even personal aircraft.

And Cook, who has been in the detailing business for 20 years now, said that by traveling to the customer’s desired location to get the job done, Foxbrook detailers are able to be more transparent as to what work needs to be done.

“With us, we give personal service,” Cook said. “Though we may have set things in our full detail program, if I see something wrong, I take care of it. If there’s a stain or scratches, we’ll do it anyways. We don’t upcharge our stuff. We give a quote and take care of what we feel will make customers happy.”

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