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Bank deposits Louisa County’s real estate and personal property tax payments twice

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 3:29 pm

Numerous Louisa County real estate and personal property owners were charged twice for the same taxes, once when they paid in November and again during the past week.

The Louisa County Treasurer’s Office uses Bank of America, which is apparently responsible for the snafu, to deposit payments. It’s unclear what caused the error.

Henry Wash, Louisa County treasurer, has asked the bank to set up a hotline to handle questions about the issue. He said he fielded at least 30 calls on Tuesday from upset taxpayers, but emphasized it was not the county’s mistake. The hotline has not been established at this time.

Anyone who has a bank account and paid taxes to Louisa County in November could be affected.

“The county does not retain checks – they are sent to Bank of America for processing,” he said. “The bank is taking full responsibility.”

The Nov. 17 deposit involved about 600 payments of real estate and personal property taxes.

Lori Powell, Virginia Community Bank vice-president of retail, said her bank caught the problem before it could be passed on to customers.

“It was caught because we have a system that will do a duplicate checklist,” she said. More than 50 duplicate tax checks that came to the bank on Tuesday will be sent back to Bank of America.

(This is a partial article. Read full story in the Feb. 22, 2018 issue of The Central Virginian)

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