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Boredom is no excuse in Louisa County

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 11:51 am

There are those who complain that they can’t find anything to do in Louisa County. I say you’re not looking hard enough or haven’t really given anything a chance.

While we may not have a putt-putt facility smack dab in the town of Louisa, there is an 18-hole miniature golf course at Small Country Campground, and putt-putt facilities at Christopher Run Campground.

For the real deal, we have a couple of golf courses—at The Greens at Tanyard and Spring Creek Golf Course in Zion Crossroads.

There is fishing and boating and wakeboarding at Lake Anna, or you can sun yourself on the shoreline.  Closer to town is a fantastic aquatics facility that your tax dollars paid for—why not go for a dip.

Parks and recreation classes feature a wide array of offerings ranging from water aerobics, to yoga, to pickleball to bread making. Teach your dog new tricks, learn to play guitar or get your hands dirty while dabbling in wood carving—the possibilities are endless.

If that’s not to your liking, the Louisa Arts Center offers musical entertainment, evening movies and theater performances, drawing in dozens of talented artists each year.

But maybe eating is more your style—you can find just about any cuisine you like right here in Louisa County, and the dining options grow wider year by year.

Sample wines at one of several local wineries, or attend one of the many community events that are offered year-round including a brewfest, wine festival, bluegrass festival, carnivals, parades or fireworks shows.  There is even a pool hall in town for those who enjoy it.

There truly is always something happening in Louisa at any given time.  If all else fails, make a trip to the Louisa County Public Library, check out a book, and get lost in the world the writer creates.

A final tip, if none of the above suits you, join a community organization and make a difference.  Hardworking hands are always welcome and guaranteed to make you new friends.