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Building Louisa’s community ties

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 9:16 am

The Community Builders Award Program is designed by Masonic Lodges to recognize and show appreciation for outstanding community-oriented achievements of non-Masons who reside and work in a community.

In Louisa County, there are many hard working, dedicated men and women who serve others with no expectation of reward. Two local residents were recognized for their efforts by Mineral Lodge No. 311 on Thursday, Sept. 12.

Worshipful Master Aubrey Fones said that Masons are part of the community and they want people to know that they appreciate what individuals do in the community.

β€œThe lodge recognizes people in the community who have contributed to the community,” Fones said. β€œ[We] want people of the locality to know where we are and for them to know we recognize the things they have done for their particular community.”

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