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Bumpass woman apologizes for embezzling from employer

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 4:47 pm

Holly Rae Bennett-Martinski, 50, of Bumpass, faced up to 100 years on five felony counts of embezzlement when she pleaded guilty to all counts, but in Louisa County Circuit Court on April 15, she was sentenced to 20 years, with all but 18 months suspended.

She also received three years of supervised probation and 10 years of good behavior.  Martinski was ordered to pay the remaining restitution of approximately $9,000, and to not have employment or volunteer in a capacity where she will have access to money.  She must provide a DNA sample for the Virginia DNA databank.

Martinski, who worked for C.G. Alliance as a bookkeeper, earned approximately $70,000 a year. Combined with her husband’s income, their household brought in over $100,000 yearly when Martinski embezzled $187,174.67 between 2008 and 2011.

Even though the entries appeared to be legitimate, the company became suspicious about the profits and decided to hire an auditor. Martinksi immediately resigned from her position with the company.

The auditor was able to follow the trail and determined that Martinski had written checks to herself or her husband.

Testifying on her behalf was her son and daughter.

Martinski’s son said that he was surprised and shocked over the news, as the crime was out of character for his mother.

Her daughter tearfully testified that she was in total disbelief when she heard.  She also said Martinski was disappointed and embarrassed in herself.

Martinski’s friend of 23 years reported that she found out about the situation while reading the newspaper and was sad that she had not confided in her.

All testified what a good mother she is, saying that the incident has weighed heavily on Martinski.

Defense attorney Stephen Harris called Martinski to testify on her own behalf.  She said she was facing difficulties in her marriage at the time and wanted to save it.

“I am not trying to justify what I did,” Martinski said. “What I did was wrong.”

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