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Crowds enjoy Blues and Bar-B-Que in spite of rain

Posted on Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 11:07 am

The rainy day did not deter people from coming to Adult Community Education’s (ACE) fourth annual Blues and Bar-B-Que Fundraiser last Saturday, nor did it dampen their spirits.  Held at Lake Anna Winery, the event included something for everyone.  People danced outside between the rain showers to the sound of two bands, Bluerock and August West.  When the clouds rolled in they scurried inside to bid on silent auction items, play scrabble, speak with one of the eight local authors who were signing their latest work, or have a wine tasting.  Some even chose another homemade dessert that topped off a dinner of  ribs, chicken, bar-b-que, beans and cole slaw.

The event could not have happened had it not been for the bands who performed pro bono, the sponsorships and donations of local businesses, the donated use of the winery, and the many volunteers who put in their time putting it all together and ACE received a major part of the funding it needs to carry out its work in the coming year.

“I’m awed by the compassion shown in this tremendous dedication of time and money that has poured out because people care about helping their fellow Louisans get a second chance at an education and all the chances at a better life for themselves and their children that come with that,” ACE director Mary Kranz said.

The fact is that more than 4,000 adults (13 percent) in Louisa County are lacking basic literacy and more than 5,000 (18 percent) do not have a high school diploma or a GED she went on to explain.

She pointed out the difficulties these people face in today’s job market.  Not only is more education needed for the most menial, low-paying jobs, but job applications are online and if one can’t check the box that says ‘high school diploma or GED’, online applications are impossible.

It is by training and using volunteers that ACE is able to provide these services.

“We are fortunate in having some very talented people willing to give their time to help people who just need a hand up,”  Kranz said.  “But we need more of them.”

To volunteer, or for more information, call (540) 967-5660.