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Cut railroad wire in Louisa puts lives at risk

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 11:10 am

In August of 2012, Donald Travis Cosby, of Mineral, was unemployed and receiving vouchers from the county to ride the JAUNT bus so he could find a job.

Instead, according to the commonwealth’s attorney’s office, Cosby would get on the bus with a change of clothes in a sack and a packed lunch.

Instead of searching for a job, he rode the bus to a remote location and then trekked off into a wooded area, climbed a pole and cut down copper wiring until he collected 500 feet.  After rolling it up, he put it in his sack and took a break for lunch, waiting for the bus to return and take him home.

Rusty McGuire, commonwealth’s attorney, said what makes the story interesting and also helped in the case, is that the JAUNT bus has video.

On that day, the bus driver asked in general, “What is he doing,” as Cosby lugged his sacks of copper wiring on the bus.

A woman on the bus told the driver, “He fetches a very smart price for that stuff at the scrap yard.”

McGuire said that everybody on the bus knew what Cosby was doing, and what was shocking is no one said a word.

The dangerous part of the story, he said, is that suddenly Buckingham Branch Railroad realizes an alarm has been set off and there is a problem with a circuit.

In Louisa, many residents have to cross the railroad tracks that run through town.

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