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Days Gone By

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 5:00 am

From The Central Virginian Archives, November 9, 1967

Front Page News

• Roy Collins defeated incumbent James F. Fleshman in the race for county treasurer by just 77 votes.

• Incumbent Sheriff Henry A. Kennon led the ticket with the heaviest vote, receiving 2,771 votes compared to his opponent, Willie E. Proffitt’s 618 in the countywide vote.

• Approximately 3,400 votes were cast at the county’s 13 voting precincts, which was considered a heavy voter turnout at the time.

• Unopposed candidates included R. E. Trice Jr., who was elected commissioner of the revenue, L. A. Keller was chosen as  county clerk and C. Pembroke Pettit won the commonwealth’s attorney seat.

•All five incumbent supervisors for election, of which four faced opposition, were re-elected. Earl Ogg was victorious over Francis Fisher for the Green Springs district board of supervisors seat; Carson S. Winston (unopposed) won the Louisa district seat; V. Earl Dickinson was triumphant over challenger W. C. Fisher Jr. in the Mineral district supervisors race; and E.A. Christian edged out both William A. Palmore and Clifford Trainham for the Cuckoo district seat. Franklin Ware was successful over Arthur Lassiter in the Jackson district supervisor contest.

• Paul W. Manns collected the most votes in Louisa County in his bid for Senate and Matt G. Anderson was the local choice for House of Delegates.

For Sale

• Orange Livestock Market Inc. advertised a special sale for feeder cattle scheduled for Nov. 17, 1967, specifically seeking steers and heifers.

• National Bank and Trust Company urged customers to enroll in its 1968 Christmas Club savings program. Customers who saved 50 cents per week would have $25 saved for the holidays by the following November.

• C&P Telephone advertised its new long distance rates allowing customers to call anywhere in the United States for the first three minutes between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the cost of $1. Weekend rates with the same times were 75 cents.

• Beelers Appliances Inc. had a bargain sale on a variety of goods. A Kresky automatic heater sold for $288, an RCA Whirlpool two-door refrigerator-freezer went for $268, and an RCA Victor Worldwide Multi-band radio sold for $88.

• Virginia Electric and Power Company advertised on behalf of dryer merchants offering savings on installation if they used a VEPCO-authorized dealer. The company’s ad stated “If you’re a working wife, you need an electric dryer. It’ll do wonders for your after-five life.”

• At Dixie’s Food Market in Gordonsville, a combo pack of chicken could be had for 39 cents per pound; two 14 oz cans of AJAX cleanser cost 29 cents for two, and a five-pound bag of oranges was 49 cents.

On the Screens

• “Mondo Teeno” and “It’s a Bikini World” were playing at the Gordonsville Drive-In for its color double feature.

• At the Talley Drive-In, Shirley Eaden and Frankie Avalon starred in “Million Eyes of Su-Muru” and Peter Fonda and Susan Strasberg starred in “The Trip.”

Help Wanted Ads

The Louisa County School Board advertised the need for a maintenance man who had some knowledge of electricity, plumbing. They also had need of a janitor. Applicants were asked to contact Hubert Monger, clerk.