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Digital forensics company spearheaded by former Louisa detective

Posted on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm

A former Louisa County Sheriff’s Office detective has branched out on his own and established Professional Digital Forensic Consulting, a digital forensic examination business.

Patrick Siewert

Patrick Siewert

The Richmond-based company  capitalizes on Siewert’s past work as a criminal investigator and digital forensic examiner for the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office. He investigates, recovers, reviews and conveys information in electronic formats.

“Smart phones, tablets and personal computers are all computers and they all contain traces of our lives,” Siewert said.

When there is a violation of the law or a dispute between two parties, Siewert said, the electronic evidence and information can often be the proverbial smoking gun that helps prove or disprove the case.

“However, that electronic evidence needs to be captured and preserved to prevent it from being altered in any way,” Siewert said. “That is what a digital forensic examiner does.”

His business clients range from law offices and corporate firms to governmental organizations. According to Siewert, other industries may also have a need as well including accounting firms, private investigators and individuals wanting their data preserved or recovered.

Siewert claims his firm is the only one of its kind in Central Virginia to offer extensive law enforcement experience in computer forensics, backed by extensive high-tech crime investigation.

“Having worked nearly 15 years in law enforcement, I’ve dedicated my career to providing high-quality service to the public,” Siewert said. “Our goal is to continue that tradition of service in the private sector.”

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