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Final sentence for Father’s Day beating

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 9:44 am

A Mineral man and father of three, was severely beaten on Father’s Day in 2011, by three men and one juvenile from Mineral, and left for dead on Kingstown Road.

Chad Everett Goins, JasonWeston McDonald, Sedrick Goins and Craig O’Neal Johnson, have all received their sentences for their participation in the beating of the Mineral man.

During his sentencing, Sedrick Goins, who was a minor at the time of the incident, but tried as an adult, told the court how the beating of the victim took place.

Sedrick testified that McDonald had told him his mother had been assaulted at a party by the victim. Sedrick said he became angry at the victim and wanted to hurt him.

Though Sedrick said he knew nothing about the plan, Rusty McGuire, Louisa County Commonwealth’s Attorney, said it was absurd that Sedrick did not know the plan and that Sedrick had texted his sister prior to the attack saying he was going to kill the victim.

According to Sedrick, his uncle, Chad Goins, and another unidentified man drove up from Richmond intending to lure the victim out for a beating.

According to testimony, Chad had asked the victim to go to the store to get some beer, but instead drove the victim and his friend out to a secluded road where the others were waiting.

Sedrick testified that the victim got out of the vehicle and began to run. He ran after him, tackled him and began beating the victim with his fists. The others also began to beat the victim.

After the incident, Sedrick said Chad and McDonald told him to stay quiet about the beating. He agreed with McGuire that he had trusted his uncle more than his attorney.

McGuire asked Sedrick again about any weapons that were used during the beating and again Sedrick testified that there were no weapons used.

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