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Fredericks Hall Post Office Closes After 138 years

Posted on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 10:55 am

The Fredericks Hall Post Offie, originally a rural station of the Mineral Post Office, was closed after 138 years of operation. The families it served was absorbed back in Mineral Post Office.

After one hundred thirty-eight years in operation, the Fredericks hall post office has been closed.

The rural post office was established as Frederick’s Hall on August 10, 1837, and closed December 5, 1975. On August 2, 1893, the name was changed to Fredericks Hall. On April 1, 1965, it was made a rural station of the Mineral Post Office, as an independent rural station.

The Louisa Railroad was established in 1836, its founder having been Frederick Harris of Fredericks Hall. The first train arrived there December 22, 1837, it has been reported, and it seems natural that the local post office should have been established about the same time.

Mrs. Marian H. Gardner had served as postmaster since September 30, 1952, and as clerk-in-charge after it became an independent rural station. Mrs. Gardner has been ill recently and since September 1975, Mrs. Kate Hartley had been working at the rural station as clerk-in-charge. Mrs. Gardner wrote William Meredith, postmaster at the Mineral post office, a letter of resignation and a survey was made by officials from Richmond and it was found that the post office should be closed.

The office was serving 38 families at the time it closed. These patrons are now served by John Thomas Pleasants Jr. carrier on Rural Route 2 out of Mineral.

From information received from Porter C. Wright, the following postmasters and clerks-in-charge have served the post office.

Joseph W. Pendleton,  10 August 1837; William J. Pendleton, 2 July 1842; William A. Waldrop, 1 June 1853; Frederick A. Kuper, 3 September 1853; N. W. Harris, 6 July 1855; William G. Duke, 18 December 1855; Jonathon Talley, 4 November 1858; William A. Talley, 23 September 1859; Horacio P. Hancock, 22 May 1860; P. G. Talley, 11 August 1865; Mrs. Fannie A. Talley, 20 September 1865; Elias Bottigheimer, 30 December 1869; William Thompson, 17 March 1870; Philip Bottigheimer, 4 December 1871; John J. Trice, 30 December 1872; John R. Gardner, 15 February 1882; Semple Goodwin, Jr., 6 January 1887; John J. Trice, 12 July 1889.

Name changed to Fredericks Hall: 2 August 1893; Theodore E. Beckham, 2 August 1893; John V. E. Hardenbergh, 15 July 1897; Edward P. Waller, 5 June 1905; Percy B. Spicer, 31 January 1910; (Re-appointed) 10 October 1920; Henry H. Hardenberg, 27 March 1922; (Re-appointed), 1 April 1926; (Re-appointed), 16 April 1930; Mrs. Gardena S. Pettit, 20 July 1934; Mrs. Marian H. Gardner, 30 September 1952.

Reprinted from The Central Virginian, Thursday, Jan. 8, 1976