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From the farm to the front door

Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 8:00 am

A sampling of one of the food packages available from Meredith Farm Local Food CSA, owned by Barret and Joanna Meredith and family. Grocery packages include the customer’s choice of a variety of proteins, eggs, seasonal vegetables and other products.

Have you ever wanted to serve more fresh meats and vegetables to your family without having to run to the grocery store to get them? Do you remember helping in the garden when you were younger and wish you could taste those fresh picked veggies again?

Meredith Farm Local Food CSA in Mineral has the solution for you. Owned and operated by Barret and Joanna Meredith and family, the business offers locally produced clean foods delivered weekly to your door. A relatively new venture, Meredith Farm Local Food CSA is in its second year of operation.

“We started out setting up at the Mineral Farmers’ Market from spring through fall,” Meredith said. “But, to be a full time farmer, you need a year-round income so we started this program.”

The workload of the CSA and its demand for their meats kept Meredith from participating in the Mineral Farmers’ Market last year.

Farming is in the family’s heritage, as Meredith is the fourth generation to care for the land, while teaching his young son and daughters the value of farming.

But, what is a CSA?  It means community-supported agriculture and while it has been around about 25 years in America, there are several different versions in existence. Some resemble community gardens where the members actually work the land and pick their own produce, while others are more like Meredith’s, where he does the work or networks with other farmers and the food is delivered to the client’s doorstep.

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