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Hear me now? Do hearing aids really help?

Do hearing aids really help? The level of benefit received from wearing hearing aids varies based on a number of factors, but hearing aids provide a significant help to the vast majority of people with hearing impairment.

Successful hearing aid use goes well beyond the actural hearing aid itself, experts say.

Adapting to hearing aids is not as difficult as one might think.

In fact, for most patients going through the hearing aid process, it is actually a very exciting time. The prospect of hearing things they have not heard in a long time provides strong motivation.

The patient’s hearing healthcare provider should work with the patient to make this transition easier but there are things the patient can do to help as well:

Patience: It takes time to adapt to anything new.

Persistence: Wearing the hearing aids at least several hours a day, everyday, will help the patient adapt to and enjoy better hearing more quickly.

Communication: Patients should discuss any concerns they have with their hearing healthcare provider. Most issues can be addressed through changes to the hearing aid fit, or additional counseling or guidance.

The outcome is better hearing, which translates to better conversation, more enjoyment of social activities and fewer frustrations.