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Help your favorite local charity this holiday season

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 11:21 am

It’s been a busy fall–Halloween has come and gone, we just honored our veterans with various activities around the county and next week many of us will sit down with our families to stuff ourselves with a Thanksgiving meal. Not to mention Christmas being right around the corner–just ask any elementary school-age child and they will probably be able to tell you exactly how many days until Christmas.

In the circles that I live in, family, church and work, conversations have already started as to the planning and preparation needed for Christmas. Anyone who has been to a store recently knows they started gearing up for Christmas in October.

Christmas mayhem can be fun–the extensive lists that kids come up with, the meal, activities with family and friends, gatherings with coworkers, pageants, cantatas or midnight mass at church. Anything less wouldn’t be Christmas, right?

Well, what about those who have less? The economy has been rough on a lot of American families and the holidays may be a time they are not looking forward to because of financial hardships.

If each of us during our own Christmas planning would consider making a donation to a local charitable group, we would be helping our neighbors, making children happy and spreading good will in the very community we live in.

For those groups who work so hard during the holidays spreading Christmas cheer, The Central Virginian would like to help you in your efforts.  Send us a list of items you are collecting, the location of your Angel Tree, volunteers you need, whatever your group is doing for a local charity, and we’ll get it published to help connect people to you. Our community has come together in the past to show how much we care and we can do it again.

Giving a little means a lot.