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Here’s to new beginnings

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 1:45 pm

A little over five years ago, I left The Central Virginian to become the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce’s executive director.

I was proud to serve the Chamber’s membership during that time and work on behalf of the business community.  While there, I enjoyed a very positive experience working with the board of directors, various committee and business members

While I am sad to leave such a wonderful organization, I am excited to return to my roots at The Central Virginian this week as editor, knowing that I can still serve local businesses in other ways.

I firmly believe that a local newspaper should be a reflection of the community it covers and serve as a watchdog for our citizens.

Since 1912, this newspaper has documented the goings-on of the people of this county, local government,  church socials, organization fund-raisers, schools and other issues.

My goal is to continue with the long, rich tradition of this paper’s history.

Although much has changed over the years, the local paper’s role in the community is and always will be the same.

You can still count on us to report on the issues being decided by your elected representatives, the results of elections and various courtroom cases, crime in your neighborhood, and various community events that occur around here on a daily basis.

As editor, I welcome your feedback and want to hear from you about potential story ideas, interesting people, new programs, businesses and services, or a problem you may be having with a certain issue.

I offer you our Opinion page, which is there for you to voice your concerns, praise, ideas and thoughts about various topics.  We want you to take advantage of this open forum to express your views.

You can also send me pictures and news items that you would like to see included in future issues of this paper.

My door is always open. I invite you to stop by to see me, share your ideas, and talk about what matters to you.

I welcome you to contact me at, or (540) 967-0944, with ideas as to how this newspaper can serve the community better.

We all care about Louisa County–both our readers,  and the dedicated staff at this newspaper–let’s work together to spread the news about this great community that we all live in.

I look forward to reacquainting myself with many of you, and getting to know others I’ve not had a chance to meet.

If you see me in the grocery store, at the football game or in line at the bank, don’t hesitate to say hello and tell me how you think I’m doing as editor of YOUR community newspaper.

Here’s to new beginnings!