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Horse tales

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 9:00 am

This week we learned that Holly Grove Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were called to an unusual rescue at a farm in the Holly Grove community.  A miniature Appaloosa horse had somehow gotten stuck between two barns and found himself on his back with his legs thrust toward the sky.  No one knew for sure how long he’d been wedged in that position, but fortunately it couldn’t have been but for so long since a veterinarian had come to check him earlier that morning.

Thanks to an observant owner, he was quickly found and the dispatch center was called for help to extract the horse from his predicament.  Firefighters quickly surveyed the situation and devised a rope system to hoist the horse out of the narrow void and safely laid him on the ground.

Happy to be free of his unintended prison, the horse perked up right away, as did the owner and his rescuers, who all celebrated a successful mission.

Oz’s owner now has plans to close off the narrow void between the structures to prevent the same thing from ever happening again. As smart as this little horse seems to be, though, the owner probably doesn’t have to worry about him ever exploring tight spaces again.

We tip our hat to the Holly Grove Volunteer Fire Department for being there for citizens, as well as their furry friends, no matter the circumstances.