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Investors buy Louisa assisted living residence

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 5:00 am

Allen Richey (l to r), Elizabeth Cosner, Sarah Winston, and Irene Hemby relax after lunch last week at English Meadows.

The assisted living home in the town of Louisa has new owners and a new name, and it’s about to get a bit of a make-over.

The facility formerly known as Amerisist was rebranded on Oct. 1 as English Meadows. Mike Williams and business partner Steve Orndorff, who opened their first assisted living facility with the same name in Blacksburg a few years ago, now operate seven, including the one on West Main Street.

Williams said he heard about the opportunity to manage the Louisa facility from a group of investors, CareTrust, as it was beginning to negotiate a purchase from retiring owner Charles Rice. CareTrust leased the property to English Meadows after completing the transaction.

The move to ownership by outside investors represents a trend in assisted living. In a few cases, Williams said, his own company will purchase a facility, but that’s not the norm. CareTrust now owns 181 senior housing and health care-related properties in 23 states. English Meadows has 240 employees at its seven facilities, and is licensed to serve up to 500 residents at a time.

Katy Reed is staying on as manager at Louisa’s branch of English Meadows, and Williams said he hopes to retain other employees with enhanced wages and benefits.

“When something’s going well, we don’t want to break it,” Williams, who plans to visit the Louisa facility regularly, said. “We’ve got people who do great things for our residents and we want to reward them.”

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