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Is everyone hanging in there?

Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 8:00 am

When Donald J. Trump was awaiting inauguration as president, the world seemed to be holding its collective breath. Finally, Trump was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The world still held its breath …Trump was going to speak.  What would he say? Upon whose toes would he step? What apple carts would he upset? He took to the mic and gave what is – arguably – one of the most polarizing and contumacious inaugural addresses in memorable history. Then, he left the stage, reviewed the troops (did you see that one who almost fell asleep waiting for the new commander-in-chief? Awesome!), and danced the night away with Melania (whose Jackie O-inspired dress looked much like the blue Tiffany box she gave the Obamas).

What’s the least surprising thing to me? We’re all still here. There were folks who saw Trump’s election as the end of the world…so far, they’re  wrong. Just like when all those people thought Obama’s election would be the end of the world; eight years later, he had to move out of the government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, going back to that speech Trump gave. I’ve been watching inaugurations since Jimmy Carter became president (I was only four, but I remember his election, inauguration and sitting with my parents in the gas lines that followed shortly).

For decades I have watched newly-sworn presidents address assembled masses and never saw such a vitriolic speech. He insulted everybody. Congress, he said they were all talk and no action. Obama, he said the policies of that administration were failures (but thanked the Obamas for clearing the White House so efficiently). He basically suggested that the judicial branch was too big for its britches. He left no stone unthrown.

Trump’s got a lot of promises to fulfill. Yes, he got the bigwigs at Carrier to keep their plant in America, but that infrastructure he said he’d rebuild and inner city blight he promises to eradicate are huge orders. Add the building of a wall down south (on someone else’s dime) and you’ve got a man who has basically volunteered to face the trials of Hercules.

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