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Lack of broadband service leads to frustrated residents

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 5:00 am

To the Editor:

It’s been almost four years since the Louisa County Board of Supervisors appointed the Louisa County Broadband Authority. “Patience Running Thin,” as your headline states, does not come close to the frustration of yet another round of politics being thrown into the mix.

The broadband authority has been slow, very slow, in getting anything placed. I measure their results in the number of new connections they have caused to occur. That’s ZERO! Meetings, consultants and the like, are merely activities. They are not the stuff of results. That needs to change.

Likewise, the board of supervisor members who routinely “sit-in” on the broadband authority meetings (and the rest of the supervisors who don’t appear to care beyond some platitudes) have failed to show they are interested in producing results either. That needs to change.

Now we have a board-of-supervisors-hopeful wanting to stop spending the $1.1 million allocated for 10 towers and do what – put fiber optics in every home? He should know that this is a pipe dream when an estimate for fiber in my neighborhood was $2,000 per home.

There are how many homes in Louisa? You do the math. It’s a non-starter – assuming any carrier was interested in taking that action – which they are not. That idea needs to drift away with the smoke it’s made of.

I’m fortunate. I get broadband, over 10 megabits of bi-directional speed with no caps for a third of my cell phone bill via line of sight. I can do full motion video, watch TV via my internet connection, take on-line courses, and a host of things I could not do before I got my wireless internet connection.  But, a tower was needed to make this happen.

Come on Louisa. Go to the Louisa County Broadband Authority meetings and demand results. Pester your board of supervisor representative. Demand results, not activity. I’ll bet if our board of supervisors gave up their broadband connections, we would see much faster action and results. This “I’ve got mine” mentality also needs to change.

Lawrence Zemke