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Lake Anna resident running strong at 67

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Brad Kirley shows off his many medals he has earned in competition.

Brad Kirley shows off his many medals he has earned in competition.

In the world of endurance sports, few events have captured the hearts of fans like the triathlon, an event that blends the sports of swimming, biking and running into a mammoth of competition that has its participants cover a combined distance of more than 50 kilometers.

For Lake Anna resident Brad Kirley, the intrigue for the event went far beyond that of the average person.  On Sunday, July 14, Kirley will join 3,000 participants as they compete in the 2013 Aquaphor New York City Triathlon.  Competing in triathlons since 1992, the race will be Kirley’s 95th triathlon event.

Kirley also just so happens to be 67 years old.

“I just really like the sport,” Kirley said.  “I like the three events, and the people are just so nice. You’re racing the same race as the professionals.”

Kirley first got into triathlons in 1992 while on vacation in Monterey, California.  A former Navy captain, Kirley was on two-weeks active duty attending postgraduate classes when an advertisement for a triathlon on the upcoming weekend caught his eye.

“I went and did that and got third place in my division,” Kirley said.  “That was my first triathlon, and I was hooked!”

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