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Lake Anna SNAP organization holds fundraiser

Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 3:08 pm

SNAP stands for Spay/Neuter All Pets, Inc., a volunteer organization headed by a five-member board.  SNAP’s mission is to help the local community spay and neuter dogs and cats before they produce yet another litter.

Chuck Grutzius, Marilyn Root and Donna Finnegan hear the story of Sport, Grutzius's lab/basset mix, while golden retreiver Topher looks on.

“Our job is to put Louisa Humane Society out of business,” Meg Shrum, board member, said.
Jean and Chuck Grutzius hosted the annual SNAP fundraiser on Saturday at their Lake Anna home, featuring a home-cooked BBQ dinner.  The past two fundraisers were held at a restaurant with a professional auctioneer.  This year, the group opted to hold a more casual get-together with a silent auction.

“What we have here are SNAP volunteers and some Louisa Humane Society volunteers,” Shrum said.  “All animal lovers.”

Shrum stressed the need for private donations this year, explaining that a lot of the traditional support has gone to earthquake relief.  In 2011, SNAP achieved an all-time high of 1,460 sterilizations.  Most donations fund low-cost animal spay/neuter at area clinics, and some support volunteers in outreach, fundraising, computer support, shuttle driving and administration.

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