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Lake Anna surveyor sizes up the land

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 1:38 pm

Scott Leiffer of Alpha Land Surveys LLC depends on a transit for his specialized work.

When Scott Leiffer decided to establish his own business two years ago, it was because the surveying company he was working for could not guarantee him enough hours to live on and care for his family.

Determined to make a living for himself and his family, the recession did not deter Leiffer from striking out on his own to establish Alpha Land Surveys LLC.

While building his new company, the Virginia Tech grad also took on numerous odd jobs until he could establish his business base one client at a time.

The risk paid off and Leiffer was able to expand his business even more last month when he purchased the Ferncliff-based company of retiring long-time surveyor Gregory D. Hosaflook.

“I’ve already been picking up business from him,” said Leiffer, who has recently been able to add two people to his field crew to keep up with the amount of work he has.

Hosaflook, who owned his business for 29 years and was in the surveying field for 40 years, had nothing but praise for Leiffer.

“He’s a hard worker and I think he will do an excellent job,” Hosaflook said.  “I was pleased and honored to have a younger surveyor interested in keeping my records and continuing on the quality survey work that Louisa has been fortunate to have.”

Leiffer said that he has seen a turnaround of late, contributing it to a better market. The stock market recently hit 14,000, he said, which is a good indicator that the economy is seeing some improvement.

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