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Letter to the Editor: Rail park still a concern for some in Louisa County

Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 1:47 pm

To the Editor:
When I purchased my paper today, I saw where my concern was the sewage treatment plant. This is not true! I made it perfectly clear that my concern was the request for a provision for the storage of human waste on the 800-acre rail park. Board members also began asking why the storage of human waste  was being requested? The response kept coming back to “if the county wanted to build a sewage treatment plant they would need this.”  The county attorney spoke up and told the board members that this would be handled as part of the conditional use permit process if  the county wanted to put a plant there. The primary focus of the board had been the entrance problems.

This was how this problem was handled Zion Crossroads when the county applied for a conditional use permit to operate the sewage treatment plant.

For full letter, please see the online or printed edition for Sept. 27.