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Letters of congratulations on The CV’s 100th anniversary

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 11:21 am

From the office of Gov. Bob McDonnell:

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I express my sincere congratulations to all of the different owners, publishers, editors, writers and readers who have been involved with the Central Virginian for the past century.

The Central Virginian’s anniversary is a testament to the significance of local newspapers as well as the talent of those who have contributed toward the newspaper growth and development. For over a century now, the Central Virginian has been an invaluable information source that brings news on noteworthy developments in local, national and international affairs to its reading audience in the Commonwealth and beyond its borders.

I wish to convey my special appreciation to devoted and talented owners, publishers, contributors, and writers of this weekly periodical for their ongoing efforts in bringing essential information and authoritative opinions on many subjects of significance to its loyal readership base.

The Central Virginian’s paper and digital coverage of noteworthy events provides unique experiences for readers and gives access to essential information they require every day. I am confident that The Central Virginian’s enduring legacy of bringing news to community will continue to thrive, and many more readers will have The Central Virginian as their news outlet of choice.

Congratulations on a hundred years of accomplishments! Best wishes for another century of success!


Robert F. McDonnell


From the office of Senator Mark Warner:

Dear Central Virginian Readers,

I’m writing to congratulate the Central Virginian on 100 years of business in Louisa (or 133, depending on who you ask).  In an age when so many of the nation’s biggest newspapers are struggling to survive, the Central Virginian has remained an institution in Louisa County because of the support of literally generations of staff and readers to encourage the paper to change with the times while still maintaining its essential character.

It has remained both consistently relevant and locally owned thanks to the efforts of men and women like Hilda Miller, whose 35 plus years with the paper as everything from publisher, to editor, to part owner, sadly ended on November 3 of this year with her passing.  She, as much anyone, helped to prepare the Central Virginian for the 21st century, and will be greatly missed.

When I speak about what makes the Commonwealth of Virginia unique, I sometimes say that when we think only globally, we lose the connectivity that brings us together in our communities. That the Central Virginian newspaper can now celebrate over a century of growth is a reminder that so many people are still deeply invested in the local communities represented by their towns, counties, cities, and state.  I hope that the Central Virginian continues to strengthen those ties for another 100 years.


Senator Mark R. Warner


From the office of Congressman Eric Cantor:

Dear Friends:

Congratulations to The Central Virginian on celebrating your 100th Anniversary! What a tremendous milestone.

Residents throughout the county have benefited from the quality reporting and community focus over the generations. While the paper has been run by many different people and families, it has remained true to its beginnings in Louisa and dedication to its community.

Again, congratulations and wishing you all the best for the next 100 years!


Eric Cantor


From the offices of State Senators Tom Garrett and Bryce Reeves:

Dear Staff and Loyal Readers of the Central Virginian,

We feel honored to have been given the opportunity to share in our congratulations of the historic 100th anniversary of The Central Virginian.  It is truly wonderful that this publication has been able to have been seen and read by so many generations throughout the years.  The writers and staff, both past and present, have been more than successful in capturing the heart of Louisa County and its surrounding areas.  You have succeeded in moving beyond just a simple county paper, and instead have become an essential part of the community, that is engrained in the local culture.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we are busy preparing for the journey down to Richmond, where we will once again be honored to represent our constituents in Louisa. Since we aren’t physically able to be as present with in our own districts for these two months it is reassuring that we can keep in touch through publications such as The Central Virginian.  The thoughts and concerns of our constituents are not only a matter of our positions, but they are the motivation and reasoning behind every decision we make.

The Central Virginian has become such a part of the culture of the region that we are so honored and blessed to represent.  We offer you our whole hearted congratulations, and are looking forward to the next 100 years of our great state, this great region, and The Central Virginian.

Yours in service,

Senator Tom Garrett and Senator Bryce Reeves


From the office of Del. Peter Farrell:

Dear Readers,

It is my honor to commend The Central Virginian on its 100-year anniversary. Since 1912, this newspaper has proven to be an outstanding example of print media through its diligent service to the readers in Louisa and Fluvanna Counties.  From community events to town issues, from sports to holiday happenings, The Central Virginian remains at the forefront of our local news.  As a delegate in the Virginia General Assembly, I rely on The Central Virginian to help keep me informed on what is happening back in the district. Every week, I look forward to reading the headlines, as well as birth announcements, wedding announcements, and letters to the editor that let me know the thoughts of the citizens in my district.

I am pleased to announce that during the 2013 Virginia General Assembly Session, I will be introducing a commending resolution honoring The Central Virginian for their superior journalism in Louisa County over the last century. I look forward to passing this resolution in the upcoming months.


Peter F. Farrell