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Letters to editor policy changes

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 3:06 pm

We strive to fit as many opinions on the Opinion page as possible each week. To strike a balance, The CV has changed its letters to the editor policy effective with our Sept. 12 issue.

Our aim is to print as many opinions as we can within the confines of the Opinion page, so, starting next Thursday, we will limit the word count per letter to a maximum of 500.

In addition, we will only print one letter per topic from any single writer.  We hope that this will help avoid redundancy on our Opinion pages.

We happily accept letters from our readers and invite you to take advantage of your political right to freedom of speech and your right to communicate your opinions and ideas.

Are you happy or unhappy with a decision by an elected official? Do you want to praise a good deed by a neighbor? Or, do you want to lend your written support to a local cause?  Write us a letter—let us know about it.

With the upcoming election in November, we have to set up ground rules, as we anticipate that we will receive a large number of letters supporting one candidate over another, or touting one issue over another.

As a result, we will limit letters to the editor which pertain to the election to one per person between now and Oct. 24.

The only letters we will print that focus on the election in our Oct. 31 issue will be rebuttals to previous letters published in The CV between now and Oct. 17.

We believe this will level the playing field if we should print a letter from someone that begs a response by the subject in advance of the election.

We will not print “form letters,” which are those that appear to be similar in content to another, but may be signed by other individuals. We often run into this practice during election years.

And as always, the editor reserves the right to accept or reject a letter for publication, and to edit for clarity and brevity. Potentially libelous letters, or those deemed to be in poor taste will not be accepted.

All letters must be signed and include the address and phone number where the author can be contacted for verification purposes. The same contact information is required for letters that are e-mailed to the editor.

While we find a need to establish guidelines for letters to the editor, we in no way want to stifle anyone’s ability to express themselves.  We encourage readers to get involved, share your opinions, support a cause or rail against injustice.

One voice is just important as another’s, and we want to hear from many.  We encourage you to write a letter to the editor today!