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Louisa church directory

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The following is a partial listing of Louisa County Churches with a physical address and contact information. If your church is not listed or the information provided needs to be updated, please contact The CV at (540) 967-0368 or


The following is a partial listing of Louisa County Churches with a physical address and contact information. If your church is not listed or the information provided needs to be updated, please contact The CV at (540) 967-0368 or


Apple Grove Baptist Church, 2352 Apple Grove Rd., Mineral, 540-872-3775,


Bells Grove Christian Church, 2997 Courthouse Rd., Louisa


Belmont Baptist Church, 7221 Belmont Rd., Mineral, 540-854-4801


Berea Baptist Church, 5271 Poindexter Rd., Trevilians, 540-967-2433


Bethany Christian Church, 2402 Bethany Church Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-3707,, Facebook


Bethpage Christian Church, 4491 Fredericks Hall Rd., Mineral,, Facebook


Bible Baptist Church, 10564 Jefferson Hwy., Mineral, 540-872-5310


Blue Ridge Shores Baptist Church, 1230 Firehouse Dr., Louisa, 540-967-0796


Bright Hope Baptist Church, 9833 Poindexter Rd., Louisa, 540-967-3502, Facebook


Byrd Chapel United Methodist Church, 214 Old Bickley Town Rd., Louisa, 434-589-3984


Calvary Chapel of Louisa, 228 Louisa Ave., Mineral, 540-894-4006


Central Virginia Assembly of God, 5052 Cross County Rd., Mineral, 804-556-2700


Christ Temple Church, 2629 Mansfield Rd., Mineral, 540-894-4813


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 103 Holly Hurst Ln., Louisa, 202-680-3293


Church of the Incarnation, 102 Louisa Ave., Mineral, 540-894-0136, 540-223-2769.


Cornerstone Pentecostal Church, 1457 James Madison Hwy., Gordonsville, 540-832-2616,


County Line Baptist Church, Rt. 669, 4070 County Line Rd., Kents Store, 804-457-2163


Crossroads Community Church, in the Liberty Park Business Complex at 5578 Richmond Rd., Troy, US 250, 434-589-6689,


Divine Baptist Church, 11933 Shannon Hill Rd., Louisa,,


Dogwood Baptist Church, 5677 New Line Rd., Gum Spring, 804-556-3298,


Eagle Baptist Church, 4682 Mt. Airy Rd., Louisa, 540-967-9528


Ebenezer Baptist Church, 864 Pendleton Rd., Mineral, 540-894-4965, (540) 894-4325


Ebenezer United Methodist Church, 3092 Oakland Rd., Louisa, 540-967-1407


Edgewood Christian Church, 9868 Kentucky Springs Rd., Mineral


Elk Creek Baptist Church, 5916 Kentucky Springs Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5042


Emmanuel Baptist Church, 12204 Cross County Rd., Mineral, 540-894-3547,


Emmanuel Holiness Church, 17904 Jefferson Hwy., Bumpass, 540-872-5320


Evangelic Gospel Temple, Louisa, 540-967-0732


Evergreen Bible Way Church, 1576 Evergreen Rd., Louisa, 540-967-1276,


First Baptist Church, 102 Meadow Ave., Louisa, 540-967-0703


First Bible Way Church, 785 Goldmine Rd., P.O. Box 817, Louisa, 540-967-1738, 540-967-3172,


Flint Hill Methodist Church, 651 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Mineral, 540-675-3375


Forest Hill Baptist Church, 4409 Spotswood Trl., Gordonsville, (540) 832-5565, (804) 457-4873


Fork Baptist Church, 14357 Jefferson Hwy., Bumpass, 540-872-3678,, Facebook


Foster Creek Baptist Church, 4028 E. Jack Jouett Rd., P.O. Box 1157, Louisa, 540-967-2940,, Facebook


Free Union Gospel Church, 10378 Louisa Rd., Gordonsville, 540-832-5662


Galilee Baptist Church, 3598 Three Notch Rd., Kents Store, 434-589-8817


Gilboa Christian Church, 6780 Jefferson Hwy., Mineral,


Gateway Church, Best Western Plus (Conference Room), 135 Wood Ridge Terrace, Zion Crossroads, 540-314-7196,,, Facebook


Glenora Baptist Church, 1389 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Mineral, 540-894-5718


God’s Restoration Ministries, P.O. Box 1117, Louisa, Betty J. Queen Intergenerational Center, 522 Industrial Ln., Louisa, 540-967-9729,


Gold Mine Baptist Church, 2039 Goldmine Rd., Louisa, 540-967-0099


Grace Freewill Baptist, 9459 Poindexter Rd., Louisa, 540-967-2446


Gum Spring United Methodist Church, 191 Cross County Rd., Gum Spring, 804-556-3494


Hand in Hand Fellowship, Mineral, 540-894-4552


Holly Grove Christian Church, 1637 Holly Grove Drive, Bumpass, 804-556-1138


Holy Church of the Living God, Cobham Congregation, House of God, 5442 Columbia Rd., Gordonsville, 540-832-5119,


Hopeful Baptist Church, 14340 Hopeful Church Rd., Montpelier, 804-883-6617,,


Huntington Community Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, 147 Shortman’s Rd., Mineral, 540-894-4773


Iglesia Christiana Cordero de Dios (Lamb of God Christian Church), 317 East Main St., Louisa,


Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 1107 Fredericks Hall Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-3922


Jerusalem Baptist Church, 608 Mansfield Rd., Mineral


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 15405 Cross County Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5170


Kingdom United Ministries, 2055 Courthouse Rd., in the Moss-Nuckols Elementary School, Rt. 208, Louisa, 540-967-1145,,, Facebook


Kirk O’Cliff Presbyterian Church, 16420 Monrovia Rd., Mineral, 540-854-5525


Lake Anna Community Church, Lake Anna Rescue Squad Building, 300 Bumpass Rd., P.O. Box 91, Bumpass, 540-872-2484,,


Lasley United Methodist Church, 393 Lasley Ln., Louisa, 540-672-2863


Laurel Hill Baptist Church, 7652 Kentucky Springs Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5400,


Life at Zion Church, meeting at the Best Western Crossroads Inn & Suites at Hwy. 15/I-64 for morning worship, 434-825-2853


Lighthouse Temple of God Ministries, Louisa County Middle School Forum,,


Little River Baptist Church, 4959 Buckner Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-3414


Living Water Fellowship, 115 Jefferson Hwy., Louisa, 540-967-5083


Louisa Baptist Church, 305 East Main St., Louisa, 540-967-1364,, Facebook


Louisa Christian Church, 104 Elm St., Louisa, 540-967-0543


Louisa Presbyterian Church, 212 Church Street, Louisa, 540-967-3207


Louisa United Methodist Church, 100 E. Main St., Town of Louisa, 540-967-2657,, Facebook


Macedonia United Methodist Church, 17 Byrd Mill Rd., Louisa, 540-967-3970,


Mechanicsville Baptist Church, 10200 Louisa Rd., Gordonsville, 540-832-3269,,


Memorial Baptist Church, 98 Courthouse Square, Louisa, 540-967-0636


Mineral Baptist Church, 51 Louisa Ave., Mineral, 540-894-4234,,


Mineral United Methodist Church, 301 West Third St., Mineral, 540-894-0246,


Mt. Garland Baptist Church, 4000 Buckner Rd., P.O. Box 233, Bumpass, 540-872-5462,, Facebook


Mt. Gilliam New Site Baptist, 2212 Mansfield Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5649


Mt. Gilliam Old Site Baptist, 4641 Chalklevel Rd., Louisa, 540-894-5692


Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, 15800 Days Bridge Rd., Mineral, 540-854-5049


Mt. Hope Baptist Church, 5502 Paynes Mill Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-3829


Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, 17520 Jefferson Hwy., Montpelier, 540-872-3437


Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, 3091 Mt. Pleasant Church Rd., Mineral, 540-894-0246


Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 3909 Holly Grove Rd., Bumpass, 804-556-3124


New Anna Baptist Church, 11639 Cross County Rd., Mineral, 540-894-9291, 540-894-5745


New Life Community Church, 509 E. Main St., Louisa, 540-967-4361,


New Light Bible Way Church, 35 Church Lane, Gum Spring


Oakland Baptist Church, 2965 Oakland Church Rd., Gum Spring, 804-556-3550


Peach Grove Baptist Church, 93 Peachgrove Rd., Louisa, 540-967-1758


Phillipi Christian Church, 7133 Jefferson Hwy., Mineral, 540-894-0087


Pleasant Plain Baptist Church, 675 Lindsay Rd., Gordonsville, 540-832-2598, 540-832-4587


Providence Presbyterian Church, 3388 Three Chopt Rd., Gum Spring, 804-556-6327,


Rising Sun Baptist Church, 6829 Fredericks Hall Rd., P.O. Box 828, Mineral, 540-894-0657


Salem Christian Church, 4023 Paynes Mill Road, Bumpass, 540-872-5550


Servants of Christ Baptist Church, 60 Sommerfield Dr., Zion Crossroads, (434) 242-2834,


Shady Grove Baptist Church, 3384 Oakland Church Rd., Gum Spring,  804-556-3453,,  Facebook


Sharon Christian Church, 852 Bumpass Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-5565


Shepherd Ministries, 135 E. Jack Jouett Rd., Louisa, 540-967-5353


South Anna Baptist Church, 9071 Cross County Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5678


Springfield Baptist Church, 1042 Zion Rd., Gordonsville, 434-589-8919,


St. James Episcopal Church, 102 Ellisville Dr., Louisa, 540-967-1665,, Facebook


St. John Baptist Church, 5482 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Mineral, 540-894-8331


St. Jude Catholic Church, 1937 Davis Hwy., Mineral, 540-894-4266


St. Mark Baptist Church, 4596 Factory Mill Rd., Maidens, (804) 556-4671,,


St. Thomas Baptist Church, 1567 Bumpass Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-7200


Standing on the Promises of God, 1240 Waldrop Church Rd., Louisa, 540-967-3303,, Facebook


Temple of Deliverance, 5756 Zachary Taylor Hwy., Mineral, 540-894-4458


Thessalonia Baptist Church, 278 Old County Rd., Mineral, 540-894-0203


Tried Way of the Cross, 9367 Fredericks Hall Rd., Mineral, 540-894-0943


Trinity Baptist Church, 135 Mansfield Rd., Mineral, 540-894-9288


Trinity Ministries International, 4040 Lewiston Rd., Bumpass, 540-895-0558


True Apostolic Church of Christ, 6621 Fredericks Hall Rd., Mineral, 540-894-5505


Union Baptist Church, 1546 Vawter Corner Rd., Louisa, 540-967-1996,, Facebook


Waldrop Baptist Church, 868 Waldrop Church Rd., Louisa


Watchtower Baptist Church, 375 Pottiesville Rd., Bumpass, 540-872-4394


Wayland Baptist Church, 1228 Oakland Rd., P.O. Box 572, Louisa, 540-967-3097


Yanceyville Christian Church, 594 Yanceyville Rd., Louisa, 540-967-0607,


Zion Travelers Baptist Church, 3662 Roundabout Rd., P.O. Box, 2167, Louisa, 540-967-1880, (540) 967-4896,


Zion United Methodist Church, 1674 Zion Rd., Troy, 434-589-1665