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Sargeant Museum of Louisa County

Sargeant Museum- History in Louisa, VA

The Sareant Museum is home to Louisa’s rich history.

If you like history, be sure to visit the Sargeant Museum of Louisa County where six permanent exhibits tell the story of Louisa County.  Through historic artifacts, exhibit panels, maps, and multi-media displays you’ll experience the impact of Union raids into Louisa County during the Civil War to destroy the railroad.  You might be surprised to hear we were the first county to launch Patrick Henry into politics or that one of the major Colonial-era roads to the frontier passed right through the middle of Louisa County.

Elaine Taylor is the director at the Sargeant Museum.

Learn about the ride of Jack Jouett who, on the night of June 3, 1781 rode on his mare, Sally, from Cuckoo Tavern to Monticello to save Thomas Jefferson from the British, earning the title “The Paul Revere of the South.”  See a video of March Court Day on Main Street Louisa in 1932, learn about the segregation of schools in Louisa and throughout the South under the so-called Jim Crow laws before the Civil Rights movement, and much, much more.

Located adjacent to The Louisa Arts Center and Town of Louisa parking lot, the museum is operated by The Louisa County Historical SocietySeminars and educational programs are offered monthly.  They include topics such as introducing the resources for gathering family history in Louisa County to lectures on the native people of Central Virginia and their artifacts to living history demonstrations.



For more information, visit, or contact Elaine Taylor, museum director.