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Local groups partner to rescue pregnant dog

Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 5:00 am

Wendy Callahan snuggles with one of seven pups that were born after area animal volunteers organized their resources to capture and care for a homeless pregnant foxhound.

Local animal welfare advocates pooled together their resources in October to capture a homeless and pregnant foxhound in Mineral before she could have her litter.

“I first saw the dog behind Johnny’s Quik Stop in Mineral, and [she was] very pregnant and very timid and wasn’t going to let me anywhere near her,” Susan Levi, president of Animal Care Assistance Program, said.

The staff at the convenience store had been feeding the stray for some time, she said. Levi was concerned that the dog, which she named Momma-Moo, would have the puppies before she could be helped.

“We were pretty anxious, because this dog looked like she was about to pop at any second,” Levi said. “And if she had these puppies out in the wild … who knows what could have happened to them.”

Levi and Karin Magno, vice president of ACAP, reached out to Monica Good and Kelli Rosson of Harrisonburg for help to trap the skittish dog. Good and Rosson have a Missy Trap, which is designed especially for large or skittish animals that can’t be captured with conventional traps.

“They were huge help,” Levi said.

The pair initially set the trap up behind the store, but the  foxhound didn’t show up. Eventually, she was spotted up the road at a local lumberyard.

“We left food out and we got permission to put the trap up at the second location at the sawmill,” Levi said. “We were racing for time.”

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