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Louisa Baptist hosts Mission Madness

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 10:10 am

Painting at a recently widowed woman’s house.

What happens when cooperative baptist fellowship teams up with Louisa County?

There isn’t a short answer to what can happen when a Christ-centered organization teams up with an amazing congregation, county and other followers of God.

Paige Green, Louisa Baptist church assistant pastor, took a leap of faith earlier this year by volunteering Louisa Baptist Church to be the host for one of the three Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Virginia (CBFVA) Mission Madness weekends held March 15 through 17.

It took the efforts of many to make this event happen along with organizations and people in the community who allowed Mission Madness to work on their property.

One gentleman, who is handicapped, recently lost his mother he was living with and was so humbled to have all this attention focused on him.  He enjoyed the children just being there so much, that he would not have cared if they had not lifted one finger.  But, the kids worked hard and made his yard look spectacular.

Another homeowner couldn’t sit still while the kids did all the work, so she wheeled herself around to her basement and assisted in painting and smiled the entire time.  She was so excited about the possibilities of her basement and the enjoyment her grandchildren will receive from being able to use the area.

It was also a privilege to be able to help some of the organizations in the community that do so much for others.  It is the hope that the efforts Mission Madness did for them, will better enable them to serve the others in Louisa.

This mission would not have been possible without the gift of prayer.  Those prayers offered were felt and answered, one in particular, on Saturday.

The forecast called for rain the entire day.  However, the rain stopped just before the youth left the church building to gather their equipment for the work sites.  The rain continued to hold off and the sun even shined until the kids were unloaded and organized after their outdoor mission work was completed.  Then the heavens opened and the rain poured down.

So many people came together to give of their time. People rallied around to help buy food, prepare meals, serve meals, clean-up, decorate, prep job sites, guide the youth through their mission work, coordinate and much more. And while volunteers were ready to roll their sleeves up and get to work, it would not have been possible without the many area businesses who lent their equipment, employees, knowledge and time to the mission sites.  Some businesses even donated material.

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