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Louisa County Fire and EMS participate in training at Freeman Field

Posted on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 3:39 pm

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs hosted Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) training at the Louisa County Airport/Freeman Field in August with the Louisa County Fire and EMS firefighter and emergency medical service staff and several volunteer fire departments participating.

Firefighters prepare to make entry into the fuselage.

“The Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) training was a live fire training scenario,” said Jay Davis, a part-time firefighter with the county.  “This training provided Louisa County firefighters and EMS hands-on training in a controlled environment with evaluators that provided firefighters with real world information that will help improve their skills.”
Airport manager Bill Fosdick agreed that the training was beneficial not only to the first responders but to the airport patrons as well.

“The benefit to the airport and the pilot community, both local and distant, is that our first responders now have a familiarity with the airport and its environs, so when they respond to save or rescue us they can do it much more efficiently,” Fosdick said.  “The fire fighters and EMS folks now know where the hydrants are and how much hose they need, where the fuel tanks are located, how long the runway is, etc. All the stuff they will need to have experienced to do a good job in saving us.”

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