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Louisa County teen solves 65-year-old mystery

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 5:00 am

Frank Boxley Jr. is all smiles after his grandson found his long lost Louisa County High School Class of 1954 ring.

Two weeks before he was to graduate Louisa County High School in 1954, Frank Boxley Jr. lost his class ring. He’d only worn it a couple of times when it went missing.

He wasn’t sure when it slipped off his finger, but he suspected it happened while feeding the hogs and cattle on the family’s Bumpass farm.

A search ensued, but they had no luck finding it.

The years passed and he met the love of his life, a Fluvanna girl he was introduced to in 1963 by friends Jean and Carl Coleman. Frank and Hilda celebrated their 51st anniversary on May 4.

From time to time he thought of that class ring and told his two children, and later his grandchildren, about the loss.

“He often said he didn’t think he’d ever see it again,” Hilda said.

Many other people searched for it over the decades to no avail. The family began to think that maybe someone had found it, but decided to keep it.

The Boxleys raised their two children, Frank III and Sharon, on Pottiesville Farm, where Frank Jr. was born. He had taken over the farm at the age of 19, three years after his own father died of a stroke.

He worked the land, raised livestock, delivered mail for the Bumpass Post Office, served on the Louisa County Board of Supervisors, and was chairman of the board while Lake Anna was being built. He also served many years on the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative board of directors.

Now at 82, the pace has slowed for Frank. In their retirement years, he and Hilda still live in the lovely circa 1772 home that was purchased by Frank’s great-grandfather, Edward “Ned” Boxley in 1895.

Today, they lease most of the surrounding farmland to other farmers to keep it in agricultural production and maintain its status as a Century Farm. The couple’s son and his family live right across the street from them and visit with them most days.

(Article by Deana Meredith)

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