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Louisa is a boring place to live

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 9:00 am

What do under 21-year-olds do in this town anyway, besides loiter in the Micky-D’s parking lot late at night?

Even the adults I speak to tell me the same thing, “If you want to do something, drive to a city.”

So now I’m left with an hour commute to and from the city late on a Friday night.

I find this alternative unacceptable.

Louisa is growing, that’s a fact. We’ve two new businesses opening up on Courthouse Road, but outside of a new place to eat, the kids are still restricted to parking lots.

A few activity-oriented businesses would give this town the economic kick-start it needs.

A drive-in theater would provide not only a missing link to our community, but would also address the issue of those parking lot kids.

A bowling alley would make a kajillion dollars overnight.

Lake Anna is the sole source of pre-drinking age fun, but even then, the winter hampers its enjoyment.

I think a putt-putt course would be amazing. A little ice-cream, some family-oriented fun and a little gloating over the scorecard would do this town wonders for not only youth but adults as well.

One way or another Louisa, there needs to be some sort of entertainment in this town. I’m bored, and most of the county is too.