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Louisa Library: July’s New Arrivals

Posted on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 1:06 pm

A listing of New Arrivals at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library are on a webpage accessible from the Library online catalog,  The New Arrivals list has thirteen categories of new materials including new fiction,  new nonfiction, new mysteries, new audiobooks, new DVDs and more.

Kid’s New Nonfiction:

Louisa County Library's newest kids' nonfiction: Barnum's Bones by Tracey Fern

Louisa County Library's newest arrival in kids' nonfiction

BARNUM’S BONES: How Barnum Brown Discovered the Most Famous Dinosaur in the World  by Tracey E. Fern

Barnum Brown’s (1873-1963) parents named him after the circus icon P.T. Barnum, hoping that he would do something extraordinary–and he did! As a paleontologist for the American Museum of Natural History, he discovered the first documented skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as most of the other dinosaurs on display there today.  An appealing and fun picture book biography, with zany and stunning illustrations by Boris Kulikov, BARNUM’S BONES captures the spirit of this remarkable man.

New Fiction:
THE 500: A NOVEL  by Matthew Quirk

Former con artist and Harvard Law student , Mike Ford, accepts a position with the DC-based The Davies Group whose specialty is navigating the web of power and corruption by pulling strings for the top 500 most powerful people inside the Beltway. Quickly pulled into a seductive, dangerous web of power and corruption, Mike struggles to find his way out. But how does one save his soul when he has made a deal with the devil?

Teen’s New Fiction:

Targeted by hostile rivals the moment he is proclaimed a prince, Khemri learns of dark mysteries in the heart of the Empire before discovering the ruins of a space battle and meeting a young woman who challenges everything he has ever believed. He learns more than he expected about the hidden workings of the Empire, and about himself

New Biography:
BLUE CASCADE: A Memoir of Life After War by Mike Scotti

The subject and co-producer of the award-winning documentary Severe Clear traces his hard adjustment back to civilian life after his traumatic service in Iraq, describing how he struggled to change his violent conditioning, overcome depression and pursue a successful career.