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Louisa residents not immune to contractor scams

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 2:47 pm

Most contractors are honest and hardworking individuals, but there are a few that will prey upon widows, widowers, the elderly or the general public.

Robin Rucker, of Mineral, found out the hard way that you cannot always trust a referral.

After the August 2011 earthquake, Rucker and her husband, Calvin, had garage and chimney damage. Duwan Mundin, of Chesterfield, was referred to them by a neighbor.

According to Rucker, Mundin did okay on that contract.  The issues began after Rucker’s husband died in March 2012.

In June 2012, Rucker hired Mundin to tear down her rotting deck, do a total yard makeover and build a porch and patio.

The contract was set up for a series of payments that coincided with the work that was being performed.

“He really didn’t go by that,” Rucker said. “He would come back and say I need money for this or money for that, or this ended up costing more, so I obliged him to just try and hurry up and get the job finished.”

Rucker paid more than $30,000 to Mundin. She said she had no reason to not believe or trust in him, as he had previously done work that had turned out satisfactory.

Then the excuses started, she said. First, it was he couldn’t come because his truck was broken down, there was a death in the family, or he was in the hospital.

To read the entire story, see the Aug. 29 edition of The Central Virginian.

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