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Louisa Super Bowl party ends with a bang

Posted on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 9:00 am

Edward Chaplain was attacked at his home on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Edward Chaplain was attacked at his home on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Edward Chaplain of Mineral was planning to enjoy a quiet Super Bowl evening at home with his family on Sunday, Feb. 2, but ended up having to fight for he and his family’s life.

Chaplain’s 18-year-old son, Dakota, was shot in the buttocks, while Chaplain and his son’s girlfriend, Lindsay Briles, were pistol-whipped by two separate attackers.

While Chaplain’s injuries were considered minor—lacerations and bruises on his head—Briles suffered a broken nose, maxillary sinus fracture and other injuries and was transported to University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville for treatment.

But it really got scary for the family when the gunman  threatened Chaplain’s two-year-old son, Connor, when he pointed the gun toward the dining room area where the child was quietly playing with his toys.

“Is your son’s life worth this money?” Chaplain said the gunman threatened.

It all started in the kitchen where Chaplain, Dakota and Briles, along with his son’s friend, Quantay, who had come over to watch the game, along with two other men he had brought with him, were talking, cooking and keeping an eye on the big game.

Pacing between the kitchen and living room, ostensibly to check out the game, one of unknown men suddenly whipped out a .40 caliber gun and started shouting, “Gimmee all your money! Gimmee your money.”

Chaplain said everyone in the kitchen was stunned by the outburst and shocked that it had happened.  Then the gunman attempted to get Chaplain to leave the house with him.

Chaplain believes that the man may have wanted to drive him to an ATM machine to withdraw money.

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