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Louisa’s candidates make claims about roundabouts, taxes and more

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 5:00 am

It’s the heart of campaign season, and statements claiming to be facts are pouring from candidates’ lips at events and from their pens on campaign flyers.

But it’s not always easy to verify those statements to find out if they are true, and what the story is behind them.

The recent Louisa County Farm Bureau dinner was the first public event in the 2017 campaign when candidates for the Green Springs and Mineral supervisor races and contestants for the 56th district House of Delegates seat shared a stage.

With the Nov. 7 election around the corner, some of the would-be representatives presented facts and figures at the Oct. 10 dinner to illustrate what they know about the county’s challenges.

Those at the dinner included Melissa Dart and John McGuire, the Democrat and Republican nominees for the 56th district House seat; Bob Babyok and Richard Havasy, candidates for Green Springs supervisor; and Duane Adams and Stephanie Koren, who are squaring off in the Mineral supervisor race.

The following are a few of the assertions supervisor candidates made during the forum that followed the dinner, along with some analysis. Dart and McGuire, the candidates for delegate, did not make any notable factual claims at the farm bureau dinner. But Dart has one on her campaign web site having to do with education funding, which merits a mention.

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