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Milk, eggs and bread…and maybe batteries

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 8:00 am

When the folks over at the television station said there might be snow on Friday, Jan. 6 into the next Saturday, I was cautiously optimistic. The meteorologists from the other networks weren’t as sure at first, hemming and hawing about the possibility of snow (later changing their tune as the weekend approached).

Now, most meteorologists are like politicians – no matter how often they’re wrong, they still have a job. I trust Andrew Frieden (one of the best visiting meteorologists any school has ever seen), and I know him to be as dependable as a weatherman can be.

Of course, as the forecast for Friday and the following Saturday became clear, the mad dash was on. Milk, eggs and bread; these seem to be the staple items for storm-bracing shoppers in Virginia. They might get some batteries, a shovel and maybe even some salt, but milk, bread and eggs are dominant on lists across our great Commonwealth.

In a week, those same shoppers are force-feeding their family egg sandwiches and a milk chaser.  Why?  Because the snow has melted, the kids are back in school and the milk, bread and eggs are going to go bad if they’re not consumed posthaste.

The panic that ensues at the prediction of a storm, and then the manic frenzy that descends once a winter storm has been named, has to be seen to be believed.

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