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Mineral Bluegrass Festival turns 30

Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 10:09 am

When the sultry heat of summer arrives in full force in the town of Mineral each year, residents know that the old-time sounds of bluegrass are not far behind. Campers and RVs roll into town all week long as die-hard fans of America’s oldest musical form eagerly prepare to settle down and listen to traditional bluegrass music that speaks to the soul.

Bluegrass originated from a blend of Scots-Irish music that was brought to the Appalachian region during the early formation of the Americas.  Passed down through the generations, this musical form has survived the centuries, as artists sing melodious tales of heartbreak, love, hard times, good times and, through it all,  an abiding love of the Lord.

The stage at Walton Park has been host to such greats as Ralph Stanley, Bill Monroe and Marty Stewart over the 30-year history of the Mineral Bluegrass Festival. The songs sung by these bluegrass greats linger through the decades—timeless—and the strains of the fiddle and mandolin are picked up by younger musicians.

This year’s line-up is sure to please bluegrass fans who arrive from all over the country and even from overseas to enjoy the foot-stompin’ kind of music that bluegrass is.

Promoter George Shifflett is expecting a large crowd again this year to file into the town of Mineral for the three-day music fest.  For him, not only does he enjoy the music, but he wants to preserve the bluegrass genre.

Preserving America’s musical roots is important to this enthusiast of old-time bluegrass twang, who said that bluegrass has begun to evolve into a blend of “old-time country and bluegrass.” He prefers to see the genre stay somewhat the way it has always been.

This year’s attendees will have a chance to win a special D28 Martin Guitar, featuring a gold inlay inscribed with “Mineral 30th annual Bluegrass Festival.” Tickets can be bought for $10 each.

Visit for more information, to see the line-up and get ticket prices.