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Mineral curb slashes tires of unsuspecting drivers

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 5:00 am

Many drivers have learned the hard way not to get too close to the curb when making a right-hand turn at the corner of Fifth Street and Mineral Avenue in the town of Mineral unless they want to risk having to replace a tire.

Beware of driving too close to the curb on one street corner in the town of Mineral unless you want to shell out money for a new tire.

According to Mayor Pam Harlowe, many tires have been slashed over the years as drivers snuggle up to the curb to make a right-hand turn from Fifth Street to Mineral Avenue.

“It’s happened to me,” Harlowe said. “I’ve turned too short. It’s happened to a lot of people.”

Mike Gibson of Gibson Auto Service in Mineral estimates that the shop has replaced more than 100 tires for victims over the past 20 years for that reason.

This year alone, Gibson has replaced at least 10 tires for individuals who have gotten a bit too close to the curb and found themselves with a flat tire before they can reach the stop light.

“It’s mainly the right rear tire—never the left,” Gibson said.

But Glen Hicks at Rollin’ Wheels, also in Mineral, said he’s seen gashes in both the front and rear right tires on a few occasions. Drivers hauling boats, campers and trailers have also fallen victim to the merciless curb.

“People have been cutting their tires there since it’s been there,” he said.

Hicks wondered if that segment of road needs to be studied by Virginia Department of Transportation to determine whether the turn radius is adequate, since vehicles have to make tighter turns when another car is waiting in the turn lane to drive left onto Fifth Street from Mineral.

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